Biden’s Executive Order: 1 Illegal for Every 2 U.S. Births

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Joe Biden’s new executive order isn’t a solution to the border crisis; it just perpetuates the crisis. If Biden and the Democrats get their way, America will be getting one new foreign lawbreaker — ahem, migrant — for every two U.S. births. Yes, the Democrats are trying to replace you for their own political gain.


Breitbart reported on just how much of a population replacement scam Biden’s supposedly tough border executive order is. The executive order is not only disastrous just on its surface, but it’s also full of complications, loopholes, exceptions, and shady methods of continuing the border crisis while faking a solution. Surely it’s just a coincidence that illegal aliens could permanently rig Congress and the Electoral College for Democrats.

For instance, while the weekly limit for asylum claimants between Ports of Entry is supposedly 17,500, all that limit means is that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas can then decide to accept only the migrants claiming asylum at Ports of Entry.

According to Breitbart, Biden’s executive order continues the existence of his “expansive” and damaging parole pipeline. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens show up to Ports of Entry weekly seeking parole. The migrants are then released into the interior of America with the ability to get work permits. For interesting context, as of February, Biden’s touted job gains were going to immigrants, with six out of ten of the 2.9 million additional employed migrants at the time being non-citizens. That means that up to half of the migrants taking millions of jobs were — and are — likely illegal aliens. And the Biden administration just wants to exacerbate the problem. 


From Breitbart:

Between the threshold embedded in the order — where 900,000 annual migrant encounters will be tolerated before DHS steps in to restrict asylum claims between Ports of Entry — and the parole pipeline that imported more than 800,000 migrants over one year, the Biden administration is looking to add one migrant to the U.S. population for every two American births.

Put another way, while 3.6 million American births occur annually, the Biden administration seeks to permit the arrival of nearly two million migrants.

And to think, in the 1990s, 1.5 million illegal aliens a year was considered out of control. The migrants brought in under Biden already surpass the population of multiple states, and the Democrats want more and more.

The yearly got-aways number is on average around 600,000 now, Breitbart clarified, meaning that the Biden administration could have about 2.5 million migrants or only a million lower than annual U.S. births at our borders.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) highlighted the fact that loopholes and exceptions are also contained in the executive order so that far more migrants even than specified will be entering America. 


“It will not stop up to 30,000 migrants from flying directly into the U.S. and being released under Biden’s mass parole program each month,” he emphasized. “This action does not address the millions of unvetted ‘gotaways’ entering our country, and the asylum ‘ban’ is filled with exemptions including unaccompanied minors, playing right into the cartels’ hands and child trafficking operations at the border.” 

What a total scam the Biden administration is running.

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