Fauci cries while testifying before the House; feels ‘terrible’

To no one’s surprise, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent testimony was full of what some might call nonsense. However, it was also full of tears.

“Dr. Fauci, can you please share with us the nature of the threats you have received since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?” he was asked.

“Yes, there have been everything from harassments by emails, texts, letters of myself, my wife, my three daughters,” Fauci responded.

“There have been credible death threats leading to the arrests of two individuals and credible death threats mean someone who clearly was on their way to kill me,” he continued, adding, “and it’s required my having protective services essentially all the time.”

“It is very troublesome to me, it is much more troublesome because they’ve involved my wife and my three daughters,” he said.

At this point, he’s asked how these moments make him “feel.”

Water begins to well up in his eyes, and his face wrinkles.

“Terrible,” he answers in a choked voice, telling the House that he gets threats “every time someone gets up and says I’m responsible for the death of people throughout the world.”

Megyn Kelly and Dave Rubin cannot believe it.

“Well, you are,” Kelly says, annoyed. “No one feels sorry for you.”

“Megyn, have you ever received a mean email or a mean text?” Rubin asks.

“You want to see my death threats? Let’s go over the past ten years,” Kelly laughs.

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