SMACKDOWN: FOX News Reporter John Roberts Catches Biden Campaign in a Lie and Brings ALL the Receipts (VIDEO)


The Biden campaign recently accused John Roberts of lying about a Trump era policy that Biden is trying to take credit for and they are now living to regret it.

Roberts took to the airwaves on Wednesday and disproved the Biden campaign’s accusation and he brought all of the receipts to back up his argument.

You can tell from the way Roberts addresses this that he is not cool with what Biden’s people tried to do here.

RedState reported:

The “Biden-Harris HQ,” which is an official arm of the Biden campaign, found itself facing pushback after it claimed Fox News’ John Roberts had told a “blatant lie” regarding Trump and insulin prices. Here’s what the post, which still hasn’t been deleted or corrected, looked like.

The problem? Their “fact-check” is factually untrue, and Roberts wasn’t willing to take the accusation lying down. Instead, he took the airwaves with a handful of receipts and delivered a takedown of the Biden campaign.

ROBERTS: Yesterday, coming out of a segment in which the $35 insulin co-pay under the Inflation Reduction Act was mentioned, I remarked that I recalled back in May of 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that stated President Trump had a plan to lower insulin co-pays to $35. The Biden campaign’s rapid response issued a post on X saying the following: “Fox host tries to claim Trump, not President Biden capped insulin at $35 a month. Fact-check: This is a blatant lie.”

But there are receipts to dispute the Biden campaign’s claim about what I said.

This is the Biden team tweet that started this:

And here is the absolutely brutal response from Roberts:

Imagine if all of the media was this vigilant about making sure people know the truth.

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