The United States government ‘knows what happened’ to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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A decade ago, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a trace. The official story behind the disappearance is simply that the government did not know what happened to the plane.

“They just said that the plane went missing,” investigative journalist Ashton Forbes tells Alex Stein, who himself was originally under the impression that the “pilot went rogue and locked the co-pilot out of the cockpit.”

“Now, we have this pilot-suicide narrative that’s formed over years, and I would argue that this has been potentially a government agency operation to get people to believe that it could possibly be a suicidal pilot when there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever there was a suicidal pilot,” Forbes explains.

Meanwhile, the pilot has been ruled out by officials and had no issues whatsoever in his background.

But Forbes has done his research, and what happened to Flight 370 is not a mystery to him. “The United States government knows what happened to this plane,” he tells Stein.

From the information Forbes has gathered, the plane’s movements reflect those of a plane with a fire onboard, which has been corroborated by witnesses below.

“They knew this plane had gone dark,” Forbes says. “They knew this plane was a commercial airliner that they were tracking on military radar, and they knew it wasn’t hostile. But how could they know it’s not hostile, especially if it’s been hijacked or if it’s a suicidal pilot?”

“But somehow, they didn’t even send jets up to track the plane, let alone shoot it down. This would indicate they knew it was a fire event, they knew it was an emergency event.”

While the plane supposedly crashed in the South Indian ocean, Forbes has another theory.

“As hard as it is to believe here, I think the United States government has gravity and space-time manipulation technology,” Forbes says, showing video footage of the plane with orbs circling it.

Forbes tells Stein the orbs are “trying to map the plane to figure out exactly how big the singularity needs to be.”

Then there’s a “zap,” and the orbs disappear along with the plane.

“I’m so convinced that what we’re seeing here is essentially some kind of wormhole,” Forbes concludes.

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