‘This is an established practice’: BMW tries to justify why its Middle East social media page doesn’t use a rainbow logo

German automaker BMW attempted to explain why its social media page for the Middle East did not switch its logo to the Pride Month, rainbow-themed logo that it sports on its main page.

BMW’s low-effort virtue signal of using a multicolored version of its logo is present on the official BMW X page, BMW South Africa, BMW Motorrad USA, and others.

An anonymous X user asked the car company on a post about a new vehicle why it doesn’t use the same rainbow logo for its Middle East page.

“How come you don’t proudly display your logos pride colors on your middle east posts ???” the user asked.

To its credit, BMW responded:

“This is an established practice at the BMW Group, which also takes into consideration market-specific legal regulations and country-specific cultural aspects.”

‘It is at the discretion of our sales companies and independent distributors to decide if they wish to join centrally initiated communication.’

Surprisingly, the “established practice” didn’t make its way to the BMW UK page but managed to be used on the company’s museum pages and even on the Japanese page.

Still, by changing its main page’s logo, BMW said that this was the company making a “clear stance” about its viewpoint.

“In recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we have decided to take a clear stance and change the logo of our international communication and marketing channels (on behalf of all BMW Group markets and brands) until the end of June.”

The move was further justified by BMW claiming that the international pages could be accessed worldwide and as such send an obvious message. Of course, all the other regional pages can be viewed across the world, as well.

“The international channels can be accessed worldwide and thus show the logo change in all markets worldwide,” BMW wrote.

For the pages that did not have the logo, BMW also said that independent distributors and their marketing teams are able to opt out of certain campaigns and communications initiatives.

“As is customary with such communication and marketing activities, it is at the discretion of our sales companies and independent distributors to decide if they wish to join centrally initiated communication and marketing campaigns or not.”

The German company’s response saw a lot of pushback from both sides of the aisle with some readers replying that they were insulted that BMW chooses to support gay pride only in some regions, while others called out the carmaker for being dishonest.

“As a lesbian, I would prefer you don’t pretend to take a moral stance on my human rights that is dependent on market conditions. Just drop the flag and go sell some cars,” Ani O’Brien wrote, a woman with 27,000 followers.

“So you’re only a supporter of LGBTQ+ human rights if it doesn’t upset the customers in a country that hates [gay] people?” another sizable account responded.

A woman named Lucy Stone described BMW’s stance as “opportunistic virtue signaling,” while a man named Adam Carter wrote that he would “probably have more respect for BMW if they were just honest and said ‘We see the potential to make more money with a rainbow.'”

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