50 Cent: Black men are ‘identifying with Trump’

While most celebrities bend over backwards to hit the right woke talking points when cameras are around, 50 Cent, who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, isn’t one of them.

Alongside civil rights attorney Ben Crump, 50 Cent visited Capitol Hill this week to meet with Republican and Democrat lawmakers.

While there, 50 Cent was confronted by a CBS reporter.

“We’re heading into another election, so have you made a decision?” the reporter asked the famed rapper.

“I’m not sure how to answer that, that question, to be honest with you,” 50 Cent responded, before telling her he hasn’t made a decision. “What do you see is the significance of African American men in this election?” the reporter then asked.

“I see them identifying with Trump,” he answered.

When asked why he believes that, 50 Cent said, “Because they got RICO charges.”

Dave Rubin knows exactly why 50 Cent believes black men will identify with the former president.

“The system is going after black people, or has been going after black people in a bit of an odd way over the years, and now we see them doing that to Trump,” Rubin says, explaining 50 Cent’s point of view.

“So, Trump is our guy,” he adds.

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