Biden grovels to Zelenskyy on the world stage, apologizes for delay in sending taxpayer money to fight Ukraine’s war

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President Joe Biden personally apologized to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday for a months-long delay in sending more taxpayer money to Ukraine.

Biden made his apology on the world stage during a bilateral meeting in Paris.

‘It’s very important that in this unity, the United States of America, all American people stay with Ukraine like it was during World War II.’

“I apologize for those weeks of not knowing what was going to happen in terms of funding,” Biden said.

The president blamed “very conservative” members of Congress for stalling the aid. In reality, a growing coalition of lawmakers are questioning the limitless checkbook that some members of the U.S. government want to extend to Ukraine.

The U.S. has now delivered more than $175 billion in aid to Ukraine since the country’s war with Russia began — but it hasn’t helped Ukraine win. Moreover, the Biden administration has neither given Americans a clear strategic plan outlining how Ukraine wins the war, nor explained why Americans should keep sending their hard-earned dollars to Kiev. The money already sent has not helped Ukraine defeat Russia.

Still, Biden promised Zelenskyy that America “is going to stand with you.”

“We’re still in. Completely. Thoroughly,” Biden said.

For his part, Zelenskyy told Biden that America needs to support Ukraine in the same way the American war machine supported the Allied Forces in World War II.

“It’s very important that you stay with us,” he said. “It’s very important that in this unity, the United States of America, all American people stay with Ukraine like it was during World War II — how the United States helped to save human lives, to save Europe.”

Americans’ views about their tax dollars funding the Ukraine-Russia war continue to change.

Last fall, a significant share of Americans said the U.S. government was doing too much. But a recent Gallup survey found that the number of Americans who believe the U.S. needs to do more to help Ukraine is growing.

The Pew Research Center, meanwhile, found that roughly one-third of Americans believe the U.S. is doing too much. Interestingly, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say the U.S. is doing too much, while Democrats are more likely to want the U.S. to increase its intervention in the foreign war.

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