Carville Lectures the Press to Crack Down Harder on Republicans: ‘F**k Objectivity!’

Let’s be blunt: pro-Biden media outlets really don’t care at all about what we think or what evidence we bring of their bias. Instead, Democrat journalists care most about how Democrats tell them how to report on things. 

Our former colleague Jason Cohen at the Daily Caller reports that the cartoonish Cajun James Carville blasted the “professional center” in the news media and proclaimed “F**k objectivity” as this year’s motto — well, any year’s motto since 2015. 

Carville’s “Politics War Room” podcast is co-hosted by Al Hunt, former Washington Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal and spouse of longtime PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff. Hunt told Carville that listeners wanted to know if the press should describe Donald Trump as the “disgraced former president.” Another asked how Walter Cronkite or Peter Jennings would have handled the verdict. 

Hunt spoke first, saying hey, I spent almost 20 years running Washington bureaus, and it’s an “outright lie” that the prosecution of Trump was orchestrated by Biden! Then Carville spoke: 

CARVILLE: So this is the basic question. People say, you know, Trump is going to be the Republican nominee and we got to cover it, and Biden’s the Democratic nominee and we cover this. And if there’s something bad about Biden, of course, we’ve gotta print it. But if something comes up that is, can’t say good about Trump, but more favorable to him, like the Elie Honigs and the Fareed Zakarias of the world [!], that’s one way to look at it. We just tell the truth and let the people decide. Or, at times when the country is in great peril or the moral imperative is so significant, you don’t do that.

He compared the current era to World War II, somehow comparing Trump to Japanese war commander Hideki Tojo. Then he cited the civil rights movement, where “one side was correct and one side was God-awful wrong.” Let’s forget that the wrong side were Southern Democrats, James! 

Carville laid into New York Times executive editor Joe Kahn, who recently claimed it’s not his newspaper’s job to defeat Trump, it’s Joe Biden’s job. Uh-oh! 

CARVILLE: Now you have Joe Kahn, the new editor or publisher, whatever he is at The New York Times, saying, ‘We’re just going to cover this down the middle. We’re going to cover what it is.’ I don’t think that’s the role of the news media at a time when the entire Constitution is in peril. I don’t have anything against slanted coverage. I really don’t … I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. Fuck your objectivity! The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

And everything else, from Hunter Biden’s gun application to Judge Merchan’s, I don’t know, $35 contribution, to all of the bulls–t that the professional center feels like they got to put out. I can’t tell you that these are bad people. They’re extremely naive people who have no idea what’s at stake here in this election.

As usual, the “stakes” require the most blatant partisanship that can be mustered by the press.

“So I think we need slanted coverage, more slanted coverage and I think we got to recognize the threat that this guy and the MAGA, not just him, the entire MAGA movement, from [Justice] Alito and Trump on down is a serious, it’s a clear, serious and present danger to the existence of the Constitution in the United States. And I mean that,” he continued.

Al Hunt  pushed back on Carville’s use of the term “slanted,” arguing, “we need fair coverage, and not false equivalency.”

Carville cast the two candidates as “A guy who’s lost a step against a career criminal who would end the Constitution.”

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