Dr. Phil: Trump’s only way to win in deep-blue courts

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Donald Trump is facing jury after jury and trial after trial — some of which happen to be in the deepest blue courts in the country.

The Manhattan hush-money trial was an example of this, where the jury voted to convict the former president despite many conservatives believing justice was not served.

In fact, they believe it was the opposite of justice.

Now, one of the juries he will be facing is in Washington, D.C., where only 6% of the population voted for him.

The other trials will take place in Florida and Georgia.

“If you were advising,” Glenn Beck says to Dr. Phil, “how do you get them to understand the case from his perspective? What would you be advising his attorneys?”

Dr. Phil recently interviewed the former president and believes he has an answer.

“I would absolutely do what I call plaintiffing the defense. You have got to put the prosecution on trial. You don’t want to go in there and defend Donald Trump. You want to put the other side on trial,” he explains.

“You’re going to come off a whole lot better if you can flip the script and say, ‘We need to decide what the motives are of the other side of this case,’” he continues. “You’ll do a whole lot better by plaintiffing the defense, instead of defending the defense.”

“6% voted for your guy,” he adds, shrugging.

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