Republicans remain silent as Moderna and the FDA target our seniors

Just as we begin to fully assess the dangers of the COVID mRNA shots, the FDA has approved Moderna’s next mRNA shot for the respiratory syncytial viruswithout any public hearing. Regulators are also in discussions with the mRNA manufacturer to concoct a shot for the bird flu.

How is it that they can so brazenly elevate their next poison jab even as we’re still discovering the extent of the calamity from their first invention? That’s easy: a feckless Republican Party.

It should be obvious by now that mRNA should be banned altogether, yet here we are green-lighting an entirely new shot made from this poison.

The Centers for Disease Control and the FDA approved GSK and Pfizer’s RSV shots last year, including Pfizer’s shot for pregnant women, despite strong signals for pre-term births and neonatal deaths. At least the CDC and FDA held advisory meetings of their “expert” panels before doing so. But Moderna’s mRNA version of the RSV shot for seniors was quietly approved last week without any public hearing. And guess what? You can trust them that the shot is 83.7% effective with “no risks”!

Even if we took the claim of 83.7% efficacy at face value, how sick do seniors even get from a virus that mainly affects infants? Moreover, if we had a public hearing, we’d be able to scrutinize the data from Moderna’s phase-three clinical trial, which seemed to detect 200 adverse events and 10 serious events per mild case of RSV supposedly avoided. Moderna’s numbers show that for each RSV infection prevented, the shot caused 200 side effects, including 10 severe side effects. Among the total participants in the trial, those receiving the vaccine incurred an extra 10,156 side effects, including 455 rated Grade 3 or higher, in return for contracting 46 fewer cases of RSV.

The efficacy is likely a mirage. Dr. Dan Stock, a functional medicine expert and family doctor from Indiana, explained to me how the RSV vaccine of the 1960s wound up becoming “negative effective” and made kids sicker, but it didn’t occur until the second season.

“The Moderna RSV vaccine will likely have even more trouble avoiding efficacy loss than all the RSV vaccines that have come before it, and its own data show that’s true,” Stock said.

“The first indication is simply what happens whenever you make a vaccine for a rapidly changing RNA virus that only causes disease in those with compromised immune systems,” he explained. “The vaccine induces a memorized response, and rapidly a slight mutation develops that learns to evade that response, which having learned to fight one way, responds the old way to new variants.”

“Eventually, one variant, usually in year two, learns to benefit from the defective immune system’s learned response, and becomes worse than being exposed to the new variant in an unvaccinated state,” Stock said.

That’s called antibody dependent enhancement, Stock explained, and it occurs by multiple mechanisms. “The other two RSV vaccines on the market are already showing dropping efficacy approximately 18 months into their studies,” he said.

This is what we saw with the COVID shots, so, naturally, the RSV shots will be at least as bad, given their history. It should be obvious by now that mRNA vaccines should be banned altogether, yet here we are green-lighting an entirely new shot made from this poison.

We already have evidence from a Swedish study that the mRNA likely converts into DNA because it was found to integrate into the DNA of liver cells within six hours. How can Republicans not only decline to defund the COVID mRNA shots but completely ignore the FDA’s foray into RSV for seniors who have already been blasted with endless COVID shots?

At Monday’s hearing of the House Oversight Subcommittee on coronavirus with Anthony Fauci, not one Republican raised the issue of the millions of vaccine-related deaths and injuries. Subcommittee Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) even went so far as to thank Fauci for vaccines that “saved millions of lives.”

It is widely believed that the shots protect against critical illness, but there is no evidence of this during the period when COVID was still deadly.

Every week, new studies appear showing catastrophic damage from the first batch of mRNA shots.

A new British Medical Journal study of excess deaths in 47 countries, mainly in Europe and the United States, found that excess deaths spiked in 2021 when the vaccines were released — over and above the excess deaths in 2020, which was the first year of the pandemic without any vaccines.

Perhaps Wenstrup should read up on the academic literature from the most prestigious medical institutions in his home state of Ohio. A Cleveland Clinic study found that after monitoring 47,500 of its employees during the first part of 2024, there was a 46% greater risk of the vaccinated contracting COVID than the unvaccinated. Those with three doses were 95% more likely to get infected than people who declined the shot. People with more than three doses were a whopping 151% more likely to get infected.

In case you think “the more you inject, the more you infect” dynamic during the pandemic was limited to mild cases, a new Ohio State University study found much higher mortality from COVID among those supposedly vaccinated against it. The study, published in Frontiers in Immunology, tracked mortality outcomes among 23 vaccinated and 89 unvaccinated subjects who presented to OSU with serious cases of COVID. Shockingly (or not), there was a 70% mortality rate among those vaccinated compared with a 37% in the never-vaxxed group.

Although the sample size is small, the massive divergence in outcomes gives the results a high level of marginal significance, even when accounting for the health status of those in both groups. It is widely believed that the shots protect against critical illness, but there is no evidence of this during the period when COVID was still deadly.

As a possible culprit for the increased mortality risk among the vaccinated, the study’s authors observed an increased surge IgG4 antibodies among the vaccinated cohort. Several studies have found that the vaccines cause an unnatural surge in these tolerated, rather than neutralizing, antibodies, which could be responsible for the Trojan horse effect of allowing the virus deeper access into the body behind the defenses of the immune system.

Meantime, a new preprint from Oxford researchers examined 1 million children to compare the rates of myocarditis and pericarditis among those vaccinated as compared to those unvaccinated but recovered from COVID. They found no cases among those unvaccinated, even though the spike protein of the virus itself could harm cardiovascular health. This means that when we see all the data showing excess heart attacks beginning in 2021, it’s likely that almost all of them emanated from the vaccine, not the virus.

How many more studies, data points, and government documents do we need to uncover for it to be fashionable among Republicans to fight these mRNA shots?

What is so shocking is that the South Carolina legislature, at the behest of Republican Governor Henry McMaster, is convening a special session to take up the health czar bill to consolidate the state’s health bureaucracy without addressing a single odious policy of those agency heads. To this day, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control recommends COVID shots for infants. Where is the urgency to convene special sessions in red states to take these shots off the market?

In that sense, who could blame Moderna and the FDA for proceeding to the next mRNA poison shot when the so-called opposition party refuses to recognize the human tragedy of their first experiment?

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