Trump Still Leading Biden in Polls – AFTER Sham Guilty Verdict


Many people have been wondering if the sham New York guilty verdict would have any effect on Trump’s polling. Now the results are starting to roll in and so far it’s all bad news for Biden.

In at least two new polls, Trump is still leading Biden.

This is a clear indication that the public knows the Democrat legal crusade against Trump is purely political.

Townhall reports on new polling from Emerson:

Here’s What a New National Survey Shows About Trump’s Support Post-Conviction

A new national survey from Emerson College Polling shows support for former President Donald Trump remained the same despite a criminal conviction in the sham hush money trial.

In a two-way race, 46 percent of voters support Trump while 45 percent back President Joe Biden. Nine percent are undecided. The race is an even, 50-50 split when the undecideds were pushed to name which candidate they’re leaning toward.

When third-party candidates are included, Biden takes a bigger hit than Trump.

See the figures below:

Quinnipiac polling shows Trump still leading in Georgia:

Post-verdict, the race is still tied in Virginia, which is incredible.

Democrats and the media put so much of their time and energy into this, and so far they have nothing to show for it.

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