Who Is Funding the Taliban? You Are, Thanks to OId Joe Biden

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The Biden regime has made it clear which side it is on with $10 billion to Iran and $100 million to Gaza, which means to Hamas since there isn’t any entity in Gaza that has the power or will to keep the money away from Hamas. But wait! There are more enemies of America to fund, and Old Joe and his henchmen have been happy to fork over your hard-earned dough. One of the primary recipients has been the ardent Jeffersonians who govern Afghanistan in the wake of our woke military’s catastrophically botched withdrawal from that country in 2021: the Taliban.


Just The News reported Thursday that “a recently released federal watchdog report shows that the U.S. government has sent at least $11 million to the Taliban since the 2021 withdrawal of U.S. troops.” 

$11 million is bad enough. But that’s a wildly low estimate as it leaves out the key excuse that the Biden regime uses to send our money over to Kabul: humanitarian aid. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) wrote in its May 2024 report, “U.S. Funds Benefitting the Taliban-Controlled Government: Implementing Partners Paid at Least $10.9 Million and Were Pressured to Divert Assistance,” that since the Taliban returned to power, “the U.S. government has continued to be the largest international donor supporting the Afghan people,” and that the Biden “has provided more than $2.8 billion in humanitarian and development assistance to help the people of Afghanistan.” 

That $2.8 billion figure accords better with previous reports. Back in Aug. 2022, The Foreign Desk reported that “over the past fiscal year, this totals to over $1 billion to humanitarian, economic, and military assistance aid to Afghanistan.” And the money flow was continuing, as the Biden regime had just “pledged an additional $55 million in aid to Afghanistan.” 

Antony Blinken and the Biden regime’s other foreign policy wonks would likely insist that this money was not sent to the Taliban, but to other groups that are operating in the country. But this is just as unrealistic and disingenuous as claiming that money sent to Gaza won’t go to Hamas. The aid money that has been sent to Afghanistan is ending up in the hands of the Taliban despite all the denials and claims to the contrary. 


“Now,” said The Foreign Desk in that 2022 report, “humanitarian aid to the Afghan people is lining the pockets of the Taliban at the expense of innocent Afghans and American taxpayers alike.” Nothing has changed since then; if anything, the Taliban have consolidated their power even more than they had by mid-2022. Just The News notes, “Judicial Watch released an investigation recently showing that the Taliban has created fake NGOs to siphon away tax dollars.”

Your tax dollars are even going to fund education in Afghanistan, even after the Taliban have barred girls from going to school. Judicial Watch reports that the Biden regime “has continued to fund Afghanistan’s education sector through six programs that cost $185.2 million even though the Taliban has issued decrees drastically limiting access to education for girls and women as well as restricting women’s ability to work and other basic freedoms.” 

In fiscal year 2023 alone, “the U.S. sent Taliban-ruled Afghanistan over $566 million in humanitarian assistance. Most of it was for emergency food but a chunk was classified as going to general humanitarian and health.” And all this business about how the money is for food or “general humanitarian” needs is a steaming pile of nonsense, anyway. 

Money is fungible. If you give the Taliban $566 million for food and medicine, they’ll have $566 million freed up for jihad violence and the oppression of women. Why this simple fact of basic economics continues to elude the great minds of the Biden regime remains a mystery and a matter of no curiosity at all for our nation’s “journalists.”


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Ominously, “more than $15 million went to a cause that is labeled ‘redacted’ in the government records.” That’s right: we sent the Taliban $15 million for a secret purpose, and you can be assured that it’s not to cover the costs of printing millions of copies of the Bill of Rights. The Congressional opposition, such as it is, should be demanding that the regime disclose what that money is going for and whether or not it is being spent in the best interests of the United States.

It’s a reasonable line of inquiry. After all, it seems as if the Biden regime never misses an opportunity to aid America’s enemies. There used to be a word for that. Started with a T. But everyone has forgotten that word.

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