Former Obama Ambassador Accidentally Makes the Case for Electing Trump

As soon as it became clear that Joe Biden was going to be installed as president of the United States, illegal immigrants came rushing to our country’s southern border, and basically haven’t stopped since.


The border crisis has gotten so bad that immigration has become one of the top issues of the presidential campaign and it is hurting Joe Biden so badly that he’s pretending to finally take the border situation by, you know, only letting a couple million illegals come into the country a year. Trump, however, says that, if elected, he’ll do everything he can to deport the illegals that came in under Biden.

But, according to Barack Obama’s former ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman, Trump may not have to do that, because if Trump is reelected, illegals living high on the taxpayer’s dime in the United States will just flee to Canada.

“Brace for a possible tsunami of illegal migrants if Trump is re-elected,” reads the headline at the Canadian “National Post.”

According to columnist Tasha Kheiriddin, “there are three very real dangers posed by the election of Trump 2.0 that politicians need to pay attention to, according to former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, who presented them to a security conference in Ottawa earlier this week.”

The first “danger” is the mass deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States.


Trump made similar promises in his 2016 campaign, which he did not achieve. But observers say this time, he will be more effective, leveraging sympathetic officials at the Department of Homeland Security, the justice system and the military.

What does this mean for Canada? Heyman was blunt: “These people aren’t just going to sit there and wait to be rounded up.” Should Trump win, they will immediately begin making plans to leave — and they will not go south, but north. If we thought the situation at Quebec’s Roxham Road border crossing was bad prior to its closure last year, imagine a 8,891-kilometre border of Roxhams, with millions of people seeking sanctuary here, all at once, in the dead of winter. Or coming by air, as they have been since the crossing’s closure.

Gee, I don’t think Heyman realized this when he said it, but he basically made an even stronger case for voting for Trump. Seriously, I’m totally fine with resources being used to deport these illegals, but if they’ll leave of their own volition just because Trump is president… well, that’s even better.


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Of course, it should come as no surprise that Canada doesn’t want the illegals either.

Canada is already facing a housing crisis and tightening our own rules on student visas and temporary workers,” writes Kheiriddin. “We are in no position to accommodate a mass influx of migrants, so the question hangs in the air: what would we do?”

That’s your problem Canada. The United States clearly can’t handle them either. If Canada wants to be proactive about the problem, when Donald Trump wins, they can allocate resources to help us deport illegals and secure our southern border if they don’t want to be burdened with all the illegals.

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