Hunter’s Ex Proves That Joe Biden Is a Lousy Human Being, Too

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The Hunter Biden trial has done a good job of recapping what we already knew about the defendant. We’ve known for years that he was a sleazy drug addict who spent insane amounts of money on prostitutes and drugs and liked to document his escapades with his phone. Thanks to his stupidity in abandoning his laptop at a computer repair shop, we got to see all the disgusting evidence of his debauchery. 


So none of that stuff is actually new. But the trial has revealed some interesting information about his father, President Joe Biden, proving that he’s a crappy person too.

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Of course, we know that Joe Biden spent years denying the existence of his youngest grandchild, Navy Roberts. He first publicly acknowledged her existence last year when it appeared that refusing to count her as one of his grandchildren was ruining his image as Mr. Empathy. 

Of course, since then, he’s gone back to pretending that little Navy doesn’t exist.

Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, spoke with Piers Morgan on his show and reviewed some troubling details about the man the mainstream likes to portray as the empathizer-in-chief.

The New York Post reports:

Lunden Roberts — the mother of the 5-year-old granddaughter President Joe Biden has yet to meet — revealed that she considered suicide when pregnant with Hunter Biden’s baby while he was in the throes of serious drug addiction.

The 33-year-old spoke exclusively with Piers Morgan for a new episode of his show “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” premiering on YouTube Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

President Biden’s son, now 54, initially refused to acknowledge the existence of Navy Joan, who was born in 2018 following his months-long affair with Roberts.

While, Roberts said, Hunter and the child have been “building a relationship” on Zoom, no one else in the Biden family, including the president and First Lady Jill Biden, have personally met the little girl.


Considering that Joe Biden has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation, one might think he would have found a little time to, at the very least, open up a line of communication with his youngest granddaughter and plan a meeting, even if just once. But no. The Bidens are still treating Navy as if she doesn’t exist, as if she’s not Hunter Biden’s child, as if she isn’t family. 

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What kind of person refuses to meet his own grandchild? Joe Biden, apparently.

For someone who routinely professes his love for his son, and pretends to be a bona fide family man, Joe Biden’s denial of his granddaughter is a reflection of just how much of human scum he really is. His commitment to his family is a mirage as he proves that his political career is what he truly values the most, and he weighs everything he does, even for his family, against how it will affect him politically.

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