Israel’s Military Says It Rescued Four October 7 Hostages

The Nova Music Festival on October 7, 2023, was the place to be in Israel. The event was billed as a “celebration of life, peace, and music” in the Re’im kibbutz and thousands of young people attended.


At dawn Hamas attacked. According to official figures, 364 Israelis were killed, including several babies. At least 44 of the festivalgoers were taken hostage.

On Friday, the Israeli military announced they had rescued three of those hostages. Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv are now safe and being examined in an Israeli hospital. Ms. Argamani was pictured in a Hamas video of her abduction on October 7.

It was a precision operation, according to the IDF. Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defense minister called it a “complex operation” by the IDF, special forces, and intelligence. He said the IDF had “operated with extraordinary courage under heavy fire.”

The operation also included several Israeli fighter jets that pinned down Hamas fighters during the operation so that the hostages could be extracted. One of the Israeli police special forces unit was seriously wounded in the operation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he spoke to Noa Argamani by phone shortly after she was rescued. Argamani told the prime minister: “I’m so emotional, it’s been so long since I heard Hebrew.”


Some video of Noa’s emotional reunion with her father and other

There were celebrations all over the world.

Freed hostage Almo Meir Jan on a video call with friends.

We have heard absolutely nothing from Joe Biden or any American official about the eight United States citizens still being held by Hamas. Biden always has plenty to say about Israel’s fight against Hamas but we haven’t heard a word from Joe Biden about our people being held for 8 months by terrorists.


NBC News:

The rescue came as pressure was building for Netanyahu to strike a deal for the release of the hostages, with thousands of people protesting regularly in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Hostage and Missing Families Forum, which advocates for the release of the hostages, called the rescue a “miraculous” triumph, adding that the government should “bring back all 120 hostages still held by Hamas,” and called on Hamas to accept the cease-fire deal proposed by President Joe Biden. 

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid called the rescue “A great light in a terrible darkness” and welcomed the hostages back.

More information on the details of how the operation unfolded will be posted soon.

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