Joe Biden Ruined Normandy Trip For Thousands Of Young Americans For A Cynical Photo Op

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President Joe Biden botched his trip to Normandy on D-Day so badly that Americans are discussing whether the world leader pooped his pants after a string of embarrassing moments during a ceremony. New reports make matters worse as American travelers say they’ve had their French vacations ruined so the President could get a photo opp.


The trip to Normandy became a multi-day function for the Biden administration after the awkward mess of yesterday’s D-Day honoring ceremony, as Matt Margolis reported here on P.J. Media. At the last minute, Biden reportedly changed his plans to visit the American cemetery in Brittany for a photo opportunity, which wouldn’t ordinarily cause much of a stir. In this instance, he displaced thousands of young Americans who were supposed to play at a parade scheduled long before Biden’s visit. The event was canceled to accommodate President Biden.

More than 2,000 musicians, mostly comprised of school-aged children, from around the U.S. and Australia made a trip to Normandy that spanned more than four days and five historical sites to honor the historic D-Day in what would have been an unparalleled educational experience in a wreath-laying ceremony and parade. Families paid their own way to Europe to watch their children perform for the fallen heroes at the cemetery, only to learn they wouldn’t be allowed access once Joe Biden decided to travel to Brittany. 

KLTV-7 of East Texas was on the scene with reporter Lane Luckie, who posted to X just minutes before the parade of young American musicians was supposed to occur, saying, “LIVE LOOK: The D-Day Commemoration Ceremony at Brittany American Cemetery in Normandy, France. The Longview High School Choir is performing here shortly.” 


The performance never happened after Biden’s security forced everyone out, and the Longview High School Choir, Jacksonville State Marching Band, and St. Augnola Marching Band, among others, had to go home in disappointment without being able to play the songs they’d worked so hard on in practice before heading to France.  

Hans Schantz, the author of the novel “The Wise Of Heart,” which was banned due to its scathing commentary on transgender ideology, was in attendance and posted to X, “In Normandy to support my daughter and the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners who were invited to play at the American Cemetery in Brittany on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The Southerners and nearly a dozen other groups came at their own expense to honor the fallen.”

Biden did not initially plan to attend the Normandy American Cemetery in Brittany. The American youth bands planned this trip a year in advance, and it was on the schedule before the President decided a quick photo would take precedence over his young citizens getting the experience of a lifetime.

Luckie followed up on his original post with this update, “You can only imagine the disappointment. The Longview Lobo Choir just learned their afternoon performance at the Normandy American Cemetery at Omaha Beach is canceled due to an unannounced visit by President Joe Biden. Security is tight in the area.”


Several veterans were also supposed to attend, but the cemetery was then closed to the public.

For an administration with a reputation for putting its own personal gains ahead of its constituents, Biden storming the Normandy American Cemetery is another in a long line of blunders that turned an attempt at PR into a sad moment for his people. As of this writing, the Biden administration has not apologized to the performers or the veterans in attendance.  

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