NBC Sanitizes Pro-Hamas Protest Outside White House; ABC, CBS, PBS Skip It

None of the Saturday night newscasts mentioned Hunter Biden at all, and most of them failed to report the breaking news of thousands of pro-Hamas protesters demonstrating outside the White House. They were not fans of President Biden, describing him as an enabler of genocide. Twitchy has a roundup of video and commentary. ABC, CBS, and NBC all dutifully publicized President Biden’s state dinner in Paris. No Republicans were heard. 

ABC, CBS, and PBS couldn’t manage to locate this Saturday afternoon pro-Hamas hootenanny, despite smoke bombs, vandalizing statues, overt celebration of Hamas, and crazy talk about “vampirical” universities.

Don’t worry: The Washington Post called it “largely peaceful.” NBC Nightly News offered a sanitized ten seconds: 

CBS did locate protesters in DC: for Gay Pride! 

Two of the networks found time to recycle the old slime from The Atlantic from 2020 — no one has audio or video — that President Trump called American war dead in Europe “suckers” and “losers.” CBS even briefly displayed a Biden campaign ad.

Trump adamantly denies saying it, but the networks don’t need a Fact Check. Like Biden publicists, they just repeat that Biden repeats the unproven story often. 

ABC did find time Saturday to report a lawsuit against Cold Stone Creamery is going forward because its pistachio ice cream didn’t have pistachios in it.

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