New York middle school installs vape detection systems in bathrooms that can also register sounds

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A school district in New York has decided to install vape detectors in its middle school bathrooms, according to Fox News Digital.

The FlySense FS300 detectors that were installed at Lindenhurst Middle School on Long Island can key in on THC and nicotine. They are also able to detect sounds, which notifies officials about potential fights or bullying.

‘There’s still a consequence, but now we’ve added that education piece … They also have to do a component of research based on vapes, how it hurts you.’

The pricey detectors were purchased by the Town of Babylon using funds from the American Rescue Plan, according to the report.

“The device not only picks up nicotine in the air, it also picks up on THC and also picks up on aggressive behavior, so students looking to bully and fight in the bathrooms,” Derek Peterson of Soter Technologies said, according to the New York Post.

Peterson went on to mention that the devices use artificial intelligence algorithms to differentiate between door and toilet lid slams and those who might be bullying or fighting in the bathrooms. However, there are no microphones in the devices, he added.

When the devices detect something suspicious, it automatically sends an email to the principal. The students who were caught vaping would then be handed over to professional intervention services, per reports.

“There’s still a consequence, but now we’ve added that education piece … They also have to do a component of research based on vapes, how it hurts you,” Principal Frank Naccarato said.

Two students have already been caught and connected to professional services. The devices were installed just two weeks ago, according to Fox News Digital.

The district considered installing the detectors in the bathrooms after a student learning from speaking with friends that her classmates were so addicted that they would have to go to the bathroom to vape.

“I was doing research on it, and I saw the side effects and how you can get popcorn lung, all the severe cancer you can get,” the student, Vanessa Probst, said.

The same devices are expected to make their way into Lindenhurst High School, as well as other districts in the state.

While the students caught are required to do research about how the substances harm their body, it is unclear how the school has decided to discipline students who have been caught vaping.

The CDC published a statement that said about 4.6% of middle school students in 2023 had used some type of e-cigarette device.

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