Populist AfD Politician Stabbed in Mannheim, Germany After Confronting Violent Antifa Goon Ripping Up His Posters


A populist AfD politician was stabbed in Mannheim, Germany earlier this week after confronting Antifa goons who were ripping down his posters.

The violent leftists are threatened with the growing approval of the AfD party as the German left continues to support mass immigration policies.

Les Frontieres reported – please note their obvious anti-AfD bias:

The city of Mannheim, in western Germany, was the scene last week of an Islamist attack which cost the life of a police officer and left several injured. A 25-year-old Afghan refugee, who had been in Germany for more than 10 years, attacked anti-Islam activists, ultimately only managing to steal the life of a law enforcement officer.

And less than a week after this barbaric act, the city of Mannheim was once again the scene of an attack targeting anti-immigration activists. This time it involved members of the AfD group, Alternative für Deutschland , whose positions are, it is true, very controversial.

The AfD is an anti-immigration party which has notably advocated remigration, that is to say the sending back of non-integrated immigrants to their country of origin. He was excluded from the European Identity and Democracy group for this reason, but remains one of the favorites in the polls in Germany: he could land second or third place in the poll with around 15% of the votes.

A member of the AfD was attacked in Mannheim, when he noticed an antifa tearing up one of his campaign posters, stuck in a public space. He intervened to stop the vandal, but received a blow from one of the three left-wing extremists present…

…Leftist sectarianism reaches sacred levels of denial of democracy. Given losers at the polls against an increasingly powerful sovereignist right, the little soldiers of Brussels are forced to resort to physical violence to impose their ideas on the European peoples.

This was not an isolated incident. The Gateway Pundit has reported on violence against AfD members for years.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with German politician Petr Bystron about the horrific political attacks against the AfD in Germany last October.

NOT MAKING HEADLINES – The Life-Threatening Attacks on Germany’s AfD Party Members – MP Petr Bystron Describes the Poisoning, Beatings and the SHOCKING STORY OF HIS OWN SITUATION as AfD Populist Party Members are Targeted and Hunted by the German Left (VIDEO)

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