Ukrainian outlet with ties to US State Department puts Blaze Media on ‘Russian disinformation’ watchlist

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A Ukrainian publication with an editor in chief who has ties to the U.S. State Department has placed dozens of American politicians, activists, and media outlets — including Blaze Media — on a list of those allegedly known to have shared “Russian disinformation” or otherwise made “anti-Ukrainian statements.”

On Thursday, — an “independent media” outlet that fuses “data journalism projects” with “traditional journalistic genres,” according to its website — published an article entitled “Roller Coaster: From Trumpists to Communists. The forces in the U.S. impeding aid to Ukraine and how they do it,” which contains a list of more than 75 individuals and nearly 400 entities that have opposed sending aid to Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Such claims are ‘wishful thinking’ and do not work on ‘planet reality.’

Blaze Media was mentioned on page 34 of a 47-page list. The “anti-Ukrainian” Blaze Media links on the list are all from 2023. They include one Blaze News article, two tweets — one of which shows a clip and quote from Tucker Carlson, who also appears on the list — and three segments with Blaze Media cofounder Glenn Beck.

Screenshot of article list

The article did not explain why Blaze Media had been included on the list. Blaze News reached out to the outlet for clarification but did not receive a response.

The article clearly presupposes that Ukraine is entitled to American financial support in its efforts against Russia, asserting that “Ukraine’s victory is essential for the democratic world.” It also seemingly blames Congress for “increased casualties among Ukrainian troops and a gradual retreat by the Ukrainian Armed Forces” because it delayed authorizing more aid by a mere four months. The article even blasted 10 congressional Republicans for simply calling for “a stronger audit” of Ukrainian funding packages. does note that it could not establish “direct, proven ties” between most of the people and outlets on its list and the Russian government or known Russian “propogandists.” Instead, it said it had gathered evidence that these same people and outlets had spread “Russian disinformation” by echoing “key messages of Russian propaganda” in their arguments against sending Ukraine further aid. Still others are just “useful idiots,” it claimed.

The Ron Paul Institute countered that the article contains “crude disinformation” as well, pointing to the article’s assertion that “claims of Nazi dominance and American Biolabs in Ukraine” were “long-debunked myths.” Such claims are “wishful thinking” and do not work on “planet reality,” RPI claimed.

Even’s understanding of American politics and the identities of some of its supposed opponents is factually dubious. For example, the article includes Blake Masters among the “influential Republicans … who are known for blocking aid to Ukraine.” Masters, however, did not win his bid for the Arizona seat in the U.S. Senate in 2022, and though he is running for Congress as a Republican, he currently has no meaningful influence on American foreign policy. He certainly cannot “block[] aid to Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, Anatoly Bondarenko, the cofounder of, has influenced — or been influenced by — the federal government since he participated in TechCamp, “a public diplomacy program” established by the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Return, the tech division of Blaze Media, asked to clarify the connection between Bondarenko and the State Department. Thus far, has not responded.

Jason Buttrill, chief researcher for “The Glenn Beck Program,” claimed on X that TechCamp has been associated with color revolutions around the globe. “Soooo…. we are on the list. And if anyone has been watching our show for the past few years, you’ve heard a lot about the use of the State Department’s initiative called Tech Camps. More specifically how Color Revolutions usually follow them around… all over the world,” he posted to X on Sunday.

“Isn’t it interesting that this org has ties to the State Department and USAID, and their founder was part of Tech Camps? Kind of MORE interesting that we get put on this list after talking about this strategy and how it’s used in Color Revolutions. Maybe it’s just me…” Buttrill continued.’s article also identifies several left-leaning people and outlets, such as Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s fame and the anti-war organization CODEPINK, for their supposed pro-Russian and/or anti-Ukrainian stance. It even called out the Democrat congressional group known as “the Squad,” even as it admits that “all” eight Squad members ultimately voted for the Ukraine funding bill of April 2024.

After the article received severe blowback on social media, added a statement to the article, insisting that it had not made an “enemies” or “kill” list. The statement also insisted:

These data were collected and published solely to demonstrate the evidence supporting the theses presented in the article. The article itself is not an accusation but a study of the political and media context that influences government decisions regarding further support for Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The editorial team of does not deny, condemn, or dispute the right of American citizens, media, and institutions to express any opinions or hold any political beliefs.

We value and respect freedom of speech, which is essential for a democratic society.

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