Zuckerberg’s META-FAKEBOOK censors anyone opposed to Israel’s mass-murdering of Palestinians – Now Meta faces LAWSUIT over bias and discrimination

Zuckerberg’s META-FAKEBOOK censors anyone opposed to Israel’s mass-murdering of Palestinians – Now Meta faces LAWSUIT over bias and discrimination

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta spy apparatus, also known as Fakebook, is a multi-faceted social media platform used for many nefarious purposes, including tracking people’s purchases, service interests, psychological marketing, influencing political stances, police state control, censorship, election interference and influencing popular opinion about important (corrupt) government narratives. Since the War in Gaza began, Fakebook has been censoring just about anyone who makes negative comments or posts negative memes about Israel and their continued genocidal bombing campaign of innocent Palestinians. It’s getting worse daily.

A Palestinian engineer named Ferras Hamad filed a lawsuit against Meta just recently in California for discrimination and wrongful termination, because he complained about Meta deleting internal employee messages by Palestinian-Americans that just so happened to mention their relatives in Gaza. Meta even used AI to flag his emojis. Of course, there’s no censorship if you support Israel or Ukraine, because that supports the Communist, forever-war-mentality and narrative that the Biden Regime has scripted for Americans to support. Mr. Hamad was an engineer on Meta’s machine learning team for the past 3 years, until he put up posts about his relatives dying in the globalist war to steal resources, run guns and traffic humans.

If you are Palestinian-American, beware that Meta deletes internal employee messages and memes if you mention the deaths of loved ones in Gaza

Though America is under communist rule right now, many Americans still enjoy some of their constitutional rights, and those would be mostly Democrats (Liberals). If you consider yourself a Republican, Conservative, or even just Independent, you are considered by the U.S. government and most liberals as a “Far Right” person who is most likely already guilty of domestic terrorism, supporting white supremacy, gay-bashing and of course, anti-science.

Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity’s knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Speak freely without censorship at the new decentralized, blockchain-power Brighteon.io. Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at HealthRangerStore.com, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions.

Proof-in-point, Meta (mother company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), uses AI and thousands of liberal employees to censor anything and everything they find posted that supports Donald Trump, gun ownership, natural medicine and actual science that disproves the global warming myth. All of these types of posts are considered to “violate community guidelines,” which means does NOT support the facets of the installation of communism here in the United States.

If you are a Palestinian-American, you are also a target for Big Tech and Big Government to censor, harass, threaten, arrest, convict and send to prison for any crimes they simply makeup out of thin air, like they’ve done with Trump and most of the J6’ers.

How dare someone point out any irregularities of the communist-Amerikan narrative that Israel has the right to genocide-bomb any Arabs they want to, anytime, anywhere, for any reason or even for no reason at all. It’s like the reverse of “From the River to the Sea.”

Gaza and Ukraine are massive hubs for the Military Industrial Complex right now, where the Biden Regime runs guns, drugs, missiles, mercenaries and steals resources for their already deep pockets. Mark Zuckerberg, along with several other billionaire white guys who hate America (think Bezos, Soros, Gates), support reducing the world’s population by billions of people so they can gain more billions and more power and control.

Palestinian-Americans speaking up about their people being slaughtered in cold blood in Gaza is NOT allowed by the autocracy in DC. Only if you support diseases of the mind, including violent race-baiting, orange-man-bad-theory, global warming, mRNA gene-mutation therapy and when in doubt, you always blame the Russians, well then you will never be censored from the Mass Media Complex of America.

Do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark Censored.news to your favorite websites for truth news about the genocide in Gaza that’s being censored by the globalists right now.

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