The Morning Briefing: Bernie’s Endorsement Won’t Send the Progs Flocking to Biden

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Sen. Bernie Sanders wasted little time in lighting the anti-Trump unity candle, endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden less than a week after he ended his own presidential campaign.

There was decidedly less acrimony in Sanders’s departure this year than there was in 2016, when the Democratic National Committee had basically rigged the entire primary process against him. Bernie was unhappy, his supporters were unhappy, and his enthusiasm at the convention was visibly lacking.

The wild throngs that filled Bernie’s rallies in 2016 didn’t automatically translate into votes for Hillary Clinton.

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The fix wasn’t in this year, so there has been a lot of hope among the Democrats that ORANGE MAN BAD fever will bring them all together to propel Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep into the White House, where he will no doubt quickly become the victim of  25th Amendment coup staged by his own party.

Judging by some of the initial reaction to the Sanders endorsement by his fans, Biden may not be getting much of an endorsement bump from the Sanders faithful.

The de facto leader of the Democratic Party and longtime Sanders champion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t feeling the unity moment and expressed her displeasure with Biden as the nominee.

While it’s true that AOC is perpetually bitter and whiny is her default, one gets the feeling that she really doesn’t like Biden.

Ed’s conclusion in the above-linked post will probably hold up well:

Exactly. This is nothing more than an empty threat, made obviously so by Bernie’s capitulation. AOC will eventually endorse Biden, but she won’t be enthusiastic about it — although she might feign some during a chorus or two of “Kumbaya.” Don’t be surprised if progressives don’t fall in line, though.

I can almost guarantee that they won’t fall in line. If the Princess is unhappy she doesn’t hide it well. The progs aren’t going to be motivated to get to the polls by her eventual “meh” endorsement of Biden.

There is also the fact that a lot of the Bernie progressive support comes from the coveted young voter demographic.

While the youth vote is always sought-after, it never quite materializes on Election Day the way people think it will. Bernie may have been the one nominee who could have changed that. If the Biden people are hoping Sanders’s endorsement is going to suddenly make Joe popular with a voting bloc he struggles with, they’re going to be sorely disappointed.

The enthusiasm among the Bernie supporters was very, very high during this primary, largely because the DNC wasn’t pressing its thumb on the scale as hard as in 2016. Add to that his brief flirtation with being the front-runner and they were seeing “Free stuff!” unicorns flying all over the sky. Their disappointment is probably more emotionally debilitating than it was four years ago.

Julio Rosas has a post at Townhall detailing more progressive Sanders fans’ disappointment.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride for Biden when it comes to the ever-growing progressive faction of his own party. The nominee usually pivots to the center for the general election. Biden may be the first major-party nominee who spends the general election campaign moving in the other direction.


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