Fat cat biotech executives raking in billions from prospect of new coronavirus vaccines

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With at least 11 different pharmaceutical and vaccine companies now working on new vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the financial gravy train has never been more lucrative.

According to reports, biotech executives and other insiders who are exploiting the plandemic for their own personal gain are raking in billions from stock sales, with shares surging at the prospect that future vaccines might bring the world out of this mess.

Some serious insider trading appears to be taking place as senior officials at various Big Pharma companies are cashing out while the going is good, and in some cases receiving stock option awards right before “market-moving announcements about their vaccine progress” are made.

“In some cases, company insiders are profiting from regularly scheduled compensation or automatic stock trades,” reports The New York Times, as relayed by Zero Hedge. “But in other situations, senior officials appear to be pounding on opportunities to cash out while their stock prices are sky high.”

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, for instance, is now a billionaire after his company was given top pick by the Trump administration to head up the development of a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for the American market.

Bancel and other insiders at Moderna reportedly cashed out on about $30 million worth of stock options back in May, and since that time have been raking in the dough from other financial maneuvers.

“The company’s market value is now nearly $30 billion thanks to a stream of positive press releases, while insiders have sold around $248 million together since January,” reports Zero Hedge.

“… most of it (is) coming following an April announcement that the company had been selected to receive federal funding to support their efforts.”

Other “Operation Warp Speed” pharma companies are lying about their vaccines simply to get rich quick

In the case of Vaxart, a South San Francisco-based drug giant, it was selected by the federal government to participate in an Operation Warp Speed (OWS) initiative that saw its stock values soar six-fold following an announcement.

But there was just one problem: Vaxart’s oral vaccine has not technically been selected as a viable vaccine candidate, but was rather chosen to be a participant in a trial on primates, and is not necessarily going to receive financial support from OWS as claimed.

According to Michael R. Caputo, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) assistant secretary for public affairs, the federal government “has entered into funding agreements with certain vaccine manufacturers, and we are negotiating with others,” but “neither is the case with Vaxart.”

However, this did not stop Vaxart from making a false announcement entitled, “Vaxart’s Covid-19 Vaccine Selected for the U.S. Government’s Operation Warp Speed,” which resulted in hundreds of millions of ill-gotten gains for the company’s executives, including CEO Andrei Floroiu.

Floroiu, whose stock options worth $4.3 million back in June have since soared to $28 million, came out to defend his company’s “honor,” suggesting in a statement that:

“Vaxart abides by good corporate governance guidelines and policies and makes decisions in accordance with the best interests of the company and its shareholders. We believe that Vaxart’s Covid-19 vaccine is the most exciting one in OWS because it is the only oral vaccine (a pill) in OWS.”

Many have come out to criticize pharma companies like Vaxart for not only lying, but also for “cashing in on a crisis.”

“Every day, Americans wake up and make sacrifices during this pandemic,” stated Ben Wakana, executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Patients for Affordable Drugs. “Drug companies see this as a payday.”

More news about the Big Pharma fat cats who are making out like bandits from the plandemic is available at Pandemic.news.

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