MLS Soccer Players Shocked When Fans Boo Them During Anthem Kneeling

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Soccer isn’t established enough in the U.S. for it to start throwing divisive slogans around and getting mad at fans who find their virtue signalling pathetic. Major League Soccer would be lucky to have half the audience of The National Dog Show or as many viewers as reruns of Cheers, but here they are, castigating their few fans for not liking their commitment to liberal kitsch.

Remember, beggars can’t be choosers. 

Anyways, the most shocking headline of the day is that our domestic professional soccer league is trying to throw its weight around with American fans. Like the NFL, MLB and pathetic Chinese communist-loving NBA, Major League Soccer has unfurled a whole bunch of BLM grandstanding in the form of slogans on shirts, the team and coaches kneeling for the national anthem, and some players berating fans who didn’t love every moment of it.

Sports outlet OutKick reported on an August 12 MLS game between FC Dallas and Nashville SC that became a pro-BLM libfest. Before kickoff at the FC Dallas pitch, all players and their coaches knelt during the national anthem in solidarity with the leftist lies about our “white supremacist” country and police brutality. But the small crowd in attendance wasn’t having it.

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According to the report, some fans in the scaled-down crowd of only 3000 people (due to Chinese virus, obviously) started booing as both teams got down on their knees. Some of these fans were so annoyed that they started throwing things onto the field. Dallas Morning News reported on Thursday that one fan “threw a water bottle at the players and was reportedly escorted out.”

Apparently it was enough of a commotion that some of the players commented about it after the game. Instead of trying to smooth things over with MLS fans or broach common ground, one player, FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon, slimed fans who didn’t like his black panthers-style protest, calling their behavior “disgusting.” 

During the post match press conference, the player stated, “I think it was absolutely disgusting. You got fans boo-ing you for people taking a stand in what they believe in. When millions of other people support this cause.” Oh that’s so sad. But it’s not fans’ fault that Cannon overestimated the actual popularity of BLM outside the media sphere. 

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And berating fans for booing? So he’s doing to them what he accused them of doing? Blasting them for taking a stand in what they believe in? Though there’s a huge difference here in that there is no evidence of systemic police racism nor any evidence that America is a racist society, so of course smarter fans may boo when faced with a bunch of divisive BS. 

Seriously. Are we supposed to be sorry for the fact that soccer players endorsing anti-American lies doesn’t make U.S. sports fans go wild? What did you expect? Take that crap back to Maduro’s Venezuela. 

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