PBS staff attorney said gov’t should take away children of Trump voters and put them in ‘reeducation camps.’ Now he’s out of a job.

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A PBS staff attorney is out of a job after saying on a secretly recorded video that the federal government should take children away from people who voted for President Donald Trump and put them in “reeducation camps.”

What are the details?

The Project Veritas video recorded prior to the 2020 election shows now-former PBS principal counsel Michael Beller saying “these kids who are growing up knowing nothing but Trump … for four years,” and “you’ve gotta wonder what they’re gonna be like … they’ll be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people — horrible kids.”

Beller also said that “even if [then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe] Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away … and we’ll put them into re-education camps.”

He also called them “enlightenment camps” and said that “they’re nice. They have Sesame Street characters in the classroom, and they watch PBS all day.”

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How did PBS react?

PBS released a statement saying, “This employee no longer works for PBS. As a mid-level staff attorney, he did not speak on behalf of our organization, nor did he make any editorial decisions.”

The statement continued: “There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual’s views in no way reflect our values or opinions. We strongly condemn violence and will continue to do what we have done for 50 years — use our national platform and local presence to strengthen communities and bring people together.”

What else did he say on the video?

In the video, Beller also said “Trump is close to Hitler,” and that if the president were to win the election, the response would be to “go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails.”

He also said “PBS has like, real news” and “CNN doesn’t have real news anymore. It’s just talking heads talking about Trump all day long.” But Beller said Fox News “makes me want to throw up after five minutes” and that it’s full of “Joe Biden s**t” that’s “all made up. It’s all ridiculous.”

As for his fellow citizens, Beller said, “Americans are so f***ing dumb. You know, most people are dumb.”

Well, except for the elite who dwell in Washington, D.C., and are “educated and know stuff” — unlike those who live in “one of these other towns or states where everybody’s just stupid.”

Beller also commented on the coronavirus, noting that it’s “great” that “COVID is spiking in all the red states right now.” When asked why, he replied that “either those people won’t come out to vote for Trump — you know, the red states — or a lot of them are sick and dying.”

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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      1. Sure, why not? We’ve got plenty of lawyers, so who’s gonna worry about one more, or one less? They’e expendable,

    1. He’s concerned about “intolerant” children…

      …so he’s going to put them in concentration re-education camps

      Obviously they have achieved dumbing down America…

    2. That is the response that should be made. However, PBS is NOT a politically balanced network when it comes to news programs. The programs hosted by the people on the BBC programs are all liberals as is Amanpour & Company. She made sure she criticized Trump at every opportunity +.

      I write to my local PBS station all the time about this but of course never get a response so I am all for de-funding PBS because the news in particular is NOT balanced. Then they have an entire channel they called “World Channel” which concerns topics that wreak of Socialism. If I had cable or a Smart TV I could watch all the great British programs on Masterpiece which are really all I care to watch on PBS. Otherwise it is hundreds of “cooking” shows which I don’t waste my time on.

      1. Isn’t that what Hitler and the Nazi’s did in the 1940’s with the creation of the Nazi youth group the “Brownshirts”? They trained the youth to turn in their friends and families to the SS for anything they deemed anti-Nazi. Our youth have been indoctrinated with communism / socialism big time ever since Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. Government has no business in education except to make sure everybody gets a free education. It has no business in creating the curriculum.

    3. lets see, we can’t go out to eat, we can’t see friends, we can’t go to church, we can’t speak our minds,(unless is about hate Trump). BUT, there can be riots by blm, antifafags, AMERICA HATING muslim hate groups! OUR cities can burn to the ground, people can be raped, shot, killed. Law officers can be shot and arrested for defending them selves. Our historic statues can be torn down & destroyed…that’s all ok with democrats. NOW, a moron PBS China socialist want’s to take away the children of Trump supporters! Why not just determine who is a Trump supporter and just have them neutered, or spay, or just do what you perennial losers enjoy the most , just have all their babies ordered to be aborted! To even suggest such a thing as taking away some ones children because you disagree with their political choices is what North Korean & Chinese communism, totalitarian dictatorships is all about AND makes you a WORLD CLASS MORON, AT THE TOP OF THE IMBECILE GARBAGE HEAP.

  1. And this from a Jewish attorney? !?!!….did he not read the book “Hitler’s ovens”…..Goebels in the waning days warned of a “designing Jewish press”….has it now come true?

  2. Comments like these should really induce people to donate when the PBS system has their fundraising effort. (sarcasm) Businesses should remember that the consumer, much like the person who donates, have MANY companies striving for people’s money. These comments only mean I can send my money elsewhere. Actions have consequences.

    1. Isn’t it the other way around? Children of those who voted for Creepy Joe and commie Kamaharis need to be in Juvy hall for re-education..

    1. I am sure it would be extremely difficult to find a PBS employee that is not a democRAT. Liberals tend to gravitate toward jobs and companies where they are overpaid for what they actually do because they can not survive in the “private sector”. Government civil service is probably 95% liberals.

  3. Why do they allow animals like this to roam the streets? This example is exactly why I am glad I grew up in a rural setting where I learned the real values of life!

  4. How many more people at PBS think that way? They can say they fired him but it was all show. Will never donate again to them. The children program are a attack on the American family. They choose mentally ill people over sane people and say it normal. No thanks. Didn’t know there were that many communists in America. Goodbye PBS. I’m for family .morals and a free America.

    1. I am with you Orange….And to think I was planning on starting my subscription to support PBS and its programs EFFECTIVE Jan 15! ! ! Well, It out of my p,an and consideration.

  5. Your really looking to get people killed aren’t you . Why would you ever post something like this knowing it would start the civil war in the country . It may come to that because of the retarded democrats trying to impeach trump again for doing what they been doing in the last few years . They burned bussness, looted them and killed black kids cause black lifes matter … right ??? Not a damn delusional democrat went on tv and told their pets to stop , in fact they told them to go after any one for trump . The only reason they want trump impeached is so he can’t run in 2024 . It’s their new way to rig the elections . They know if trump runs again he would win and mess up their cult take over of the country . They no longer try to hide their corruption . They don’t have to now the corruption runs to deep . To all them that voted for the delusional democrats remember this …. when , not if … when this comes back and bites you on the ass , it’s your fault . so don’t cry when the shit hits the fan . You were the one standing in front of the fan

    1. Anyone remember Kamala stating that the BLM protest and riots would and should continue after the elections?

  6. Sad to say, but his ill contrived words ring loud through the mouths of many Democrats today. They believe these types of atrocities are some how legitimized with their hatred for one man. Therein lies the issue, they have no knowledge of history and what higher education they did receive (lawyers from the last 15 years) are so brainwashed with such filth from the liberal left in nearly all of our universities, that real common sense human decency is lost. The core values are no longer coming from the family but from radicalized classrooms. I was never allowed to interject one single word of political slander or sarcasms when I was in the classroom. Now, political slants are the norm for all subject matter. This is where we need to spend our days, correcting the learning centers and removing the personal geo-political attributes of the instructors. As I recall history, Germany revised their teaching philosophies’ in 1927 and in 5 very short years the non-whites and especially the Jews had become targets of these same hatreds until 1932 when the final push to cleanse and reeducate the others came crashing in. History is not allowed to be taught as facts but only as conjecture these days. We are doomed to repeat this same event in the very near future.

    1. You sir, are exactly right! I just encourage my children to send my grandchildren to a private school with a much less liberal curriculum.

    2. Communism always eventually turns to violence. It cannot survive without a military to control the population. Immediately after taking over the government they must “disarm” the public to protect their kind. Then eventually violence has to be used to disarm the communist. Let’s hope Biden tries to disarm Americans. Then the democRATS will get what they have deserved for a very long time.

      1. I strongly doubt that the US military would turn against the people. It’ll most be their fathers and uncles,(yeah, their mothers, sisters and aunts) who’ve already served, and remember that their oath to protect and defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic” doesn’t have an expiration date.

  7. He’s just out a job?

    President Trump made some vague politically rhetorical remarks that only a wild stretch of the imagination could connect with the riots and he’s being charged with high crimes and misdemeanours.

    Beller quite pointedly advocated the government overstepping its authority and invoking a police state. If Trump’s statement are reason enough to impeach him then Beller’s statement is reason enough to arrest him for threatening the American way of life.

    At some point in time people are going to recognize the double standard for what it is.

  8. Sure. Watch PBS all day and become Deranged like this fool.
    TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome) is worse than COVID. It spreads faster, is almost impossible to recover from and leaves a permanent mental scar. Unfortunately, a LOT of people have it.

  9. PBS is not a public broadcasting system. It is a closely controlled, far left organization that will not allow conservative points of view to be broadcast. Try to get on a show sometime. No way Jose. Also, if you listen very carefully there is a subtle undertone of liberalism in everything they say/broadcast. And, of course, our tax dollars support them.

    Mydream is a tax law that allows taxpayers to specify where their money goes. We’d quickly move away from give away programs!

    Now Biden wants to establish federal work programs reminiscent of the WPA and CCC. Objective: get as many people dependent on the government as possible so they can be controlled.

    1. That is exactly what LBJ did in 1964 when he signed the Equal Rights Bill into law. He put everybody on welfare back out on the plantation, however it was the government plantation instead of the southern plantations owned by southern democrats.

  10. There needs to be a concerted effort to turn around the liberal educating happening throughout America. Speak out against liberal brainwashing by teachers, the curriculums, the administrations and outside agents from K-16. This must happen if we ever wish to bring common sense values back to this country.

  11. I have been a fan and a supporter of PBS for a long time. In fact, I am in the process of renewing my membership. I am very upset with the remarks made by that attorney and am glad to see that he is no longer with them. The left constantly denigrates anyone who is not of their beliefs and as a moderate, I have never been happy with the political portion of PBS. Their news and their staff all tend toward Liberalism and certainly are not Trump fans, however, they should at least try to appear unbiased. PBS needs to let some of their staff know that their political views are not accepted by all of their members. I for one, never watch any of the political programs on PBS and I will certainly continue with that policy!!!!

    1. I suggest you continue to watch what you like but write to PBS and reduce your donation or stop donating altogether until they change their ways. Just ask the station for a document showing the salaries of the employees which if a true public company you have a right to see. Don’t hold your breath for a real response. They also NEVER disclose the amount of money they collect during their all too often “membership drives”.

  12. I agree with everyone that what this guy is saying is horrible, but he is not saying it as a representative of PBS. He appears to be having what he thought was a private conversation at a restaurant. It was secretly recorded and then posted. Again, what he is saying is horrible, but do we not support his right to say it? As a conservative, I believe in free speech, even if I think the speech is wrong. Conservatives need to be the defenders of the Bill of Rights and confront neo-Soviet ideas like this guy has with better arguments and ideas. We need to stop responding to hatred with hatred. We are not the cancel culture.

  13. Reprehensible! Most assuredly, if this were posted on FB, it would be immediately labeled as “fake news” and be smothered as “untrue” by some anonymous fact checker and explained away as “out of context” or some other lame-brained rationale.

  14. PBS is another Leftist Socialist going on my list to not support. We have to not support theses people and organizations. Hit them in there pockets that is the only way to stop there Hateful Disgusting Socialist Lieing. They Hate America.

  15. Didnt Trump say something about defunding PBS a while back (2019?) and we wondered where that came from. …What did Trump Know that we didnt know or was he over-reacting?
    We felt there must be Something to it since PBS News Coverage Ignored many Legitimate Topics and Details (as the lawyer said in the video) such as fake documents, out of control immigration, organized mob violence in American streets seemed ok because they were upset with other individuals’ violence, and a presidential candidate’s immediate family was involved in coercive money payouts and political favors, etc. PBS defended people and actions that were illegal, dangerous, hateful … they were going to protect them because others criticized them being, sympathetic.
    Everyone was sympathetic, but the line drawn was either self-control in figuring out solutions, or rampid do whatever you Want to until you feel better. Now we know more details, that Trump saw valid reasons to defund tax dollars from a media business morphed into a Tool for narrow-minded people who hate the messengers of bad news and like to pretend everything is ok at the border, in the streets rioting, handing millions of taxpayers hard earned money out as solutions, to feel good … whether or not things are fixed…. and you better Love them no matter what… thanks to the ones who dont target anyone but simply stick to the facts and can listen to Valid reasons, not just Likes and Dont Likes. And stop twisting things

  16. When are the spineless Repubs going to stop rolling over for these sick left loonies. They they can do what ever they want because they know no-one will even question there antics!

  17. Former PBS principal counsel Michael Beller is a typical Democrat, full of Hubris and hate, and who wants to have the children of 75 million Americans sent to reeducation camps.

    Who in the world has reeducation camps?

    It seems that history proves that only Socialist States and Communist States have reeducation camps, where they put people that won’t accept their philosophies and principles and refuse to worship and obey the state, not democratic Constitutional Republics like the USA, who are supposed to have “Rights and Freedoms” that are warranted, guaranteed, and protected by a constitution that gives political power to the people, not the state.

    This just exposes and shows the American people how the USA will become if the new Socialist Democrats, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris have their way and get to change the USA into a socialist state and eventually a communist nation, with many reeducation camps not only for our children, but also for the adults who refuse to give up their heritage of “Rights and Freedoms” endowed on them by their Creator (GOD) and which the “Founding Fathers” confirmed and instituted in our “Bill of Rights” and our “US Constitution”.

  18. Are there enough padded rooms in mental institutions, across the country, to house all of those hateful people who have hearts of coal, control on the brain and Dollar signs in their eyed

  19. People say attorneys are assholes and this is why!!!!!! How would he like if we went to his house and picked up his kids and put them in a camp. Or beat the shit out of his wife like the leftest did to Roger Stones wife. Whats good for the goose!!!!!

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