Honest Abe Canceled by a Dishonest School Board



he patience of historically literate Americans is being tried once again by another attempt to cancel Abraham Lincoln. On Tuesday, the San Francisco school board voted to rename 44 schools the names of which are associated with “dishonorable legacies.” Among these are Washington and Jefferson. But the inclusion of Lincoln involves a uniquely egregious bastardization of the historical record.

In addition to recycling accusations of anti-black racism that have been hurled at Lincoln both from the far left and the far right, the school board points to “the Civil War president’s treatment of American Indians, which included a mass hanging after

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  1. The so-called “canceling” of American history by ANY School Board/educator/etc. is NOT their job. Their job is to TEACH our children and American history is part of that education. If they fail to teach, they do not need to be in that job and should be replaced. Our children do NOT need Socialists/Leftists/Communists in the education workforce feeding our children nothing but propaganda in their way THEY want them to think instead of the truth about this country. Our country is going to hell allowing these people to do whatever THEY want to teach and NOT teaching our kids the truth. AND PARENTS: WAKE UP!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR SCHOOLS AND RAISE YOUR VOICE ON WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! We’re heading towards another China/Russia/Cuba — is that what you want for your children and this wonderful country!!!!

  2. The American Indians would not surrender their firearms to the government.
    So the then government had them rounded up and hung as a warning to other native Americans. Is this so?

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