Sounds Racist: McDonald’s Will Punish Executives if They Hire Too Many White Men


McDonald’s CEO Christopher John Kempczinski

McDonald’s Corporation announced last week its priorities had switched from delivering delicious food to hitting hiring quotas.

Senior Executive Managers will lose their bonuses if they fail to staff more minorities in senior leadership positions.

The company will have a focus on hiring women and minorities for top positions regardless of their talent and abilities.

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The Western Journal reported:

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A press release on the McDonald’s website says that part of the bonuses awarded to top company executives will be based upon their efforts to hire women and what the company terms “historically underrepresented groups” for top corporate positions.

“Beginning in 2021, the Company is incorporating quantitative human capital management-related metrics to annual incentive compensation for its Executive Vice Presidents,” the company said.

“In addition to the Company’s financial performance, executives will be measured on their ability to champion our core values, improve representation within leadership roles for both women and historically underrepresented groups, and create a strong culture of inclusion within the Company,” the company said.

The company has clear goals. By the end of 2025, 35 percent of the people in jobs that are at the level of senior director and above will be from underrepresented groups. That metric was at 29 percent in 2020, according to the company.

As for women, the company has set a target of having 45 percent of jobs at the level of senior director and above be women. That number was 37 percent as of 2020, according to the company.

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  1. Its almost funny, that if you have an all Black football team, and just one white guy, its perfectly ok, But if you have an all white team, and one Black man, its Racist, sorta like Mc Donalds and other corporations are trying to do, but is the top guy(CEO) white? or of a different color?if he’s white, is he going to give his job up?

      1. Now, David – you are being racist trying to designate the race of someone whose name ends with a particular group of letters of the alphabet!

    1. ONLY way to “fix” crap like quotas, discrimination, racism, and sexism is to BOYCOTT patronizing these STUPID businesses. Sadly… it’s still impossible to FIX STUPID

        1. I quit eating at McDs many years ago as eating that food landed me in the hospital. It was cheap, I was cheap hahaha, but that crap burned a whole in my stomach. It’s hard to boycott something you’re already boycotting. I will have to come up with another plan!

    2. What all-Black football teams are there? I’m curious, because I follow football pretty closely and I haven’t seen one yet!!! Maybe I missed that one. Oh, better yet, you must be referring to a team from the old Negro Leagues. And even then, I don’t think they had a single white guy, not because Black people wanted it that way, but because racist white people didn’t want to play with or against players of color. Be real with yourself and speak the truth, instead of spreading garbage info based on racist rhetoric & propaganda, filled with pseudo facts. SMH. Do better.

    3. That’s the TRUTH! Seems America is scared of the blacks, but only because they will start rioting and what they do best STEAL like a mofo!

  2. I quit going to McDonald’s when I found out they may have been serving human meat. So now that they are going total racist I am glad I quit buying their products.

    1. Oh My God! “Human meat?” You have to be kidding. Do you know how much cadavers cost? They are very expensive per pound to say nothing of the taste. It is said we taste rather like pork and need a lot of barbecue sauce and may explain why black people invented that product in Africa before we brought them here and introduced them to pigs which have more flavor, according to Jeffrey Dahmmer.

      1. Was it White meat or dark meat? Dark meat is fatty and higher in calories. They do say that dark meat is more flavorful so I guess it would be ok to go out and get as much dark meat as you can gather. Open season, anyone?

        1. You’re a disgusting human being, weak minded, and a shame & embarrassment to my race….maybe open season should start on your *ss! But, no worries, the hate & wicked energy you put out returns to whence it came….so get ready for that karma; it may not return directly to you, but “open season” can return as job loss, cancer or heart attack, car accidents, and/or death to your family and loved ones. And then again, it can absolutely return right to you! It can come quick or take its time. Hopefully for you it’ll be the former!

          1. So you wish death to a person or his family over a silly comment on a post about a story of a racist policy by a corporation forcing quotas to their executives? And yet you write how ashamed you are of others comments? Wow!

      2. I never heard that they were using human meat but I do remember when they got busted importing their meat from Australia which did contain kangaroo meat. I suppose with enough salt, pepper, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup & cheese, topped with a pickle, it’s hard to tell what it is…going further back, remember when the court made them take the word ‘milk’ out of their milkshake. I tell you, you just can’t make this stuff up when fact is stranger than fiction

    2. I haven’t heard that they may have been serving up human meat. Can you elaborate ? I don’t care much for any of their sandwiches anyway. They all look and taste the same. I do like their fries though. Human meat ? Interesting …..

      1. Fries? You like McDonald’s fries? I haven’t heard that in years, ever since they changed the cooling oil they fry the fries in for ‘better health.’

        The only way a McFry MIGHT taste good is if you tell them at the counter, “I want my fries to be HOT out of the pan, and then you stand there and look left and SEE them come out of the frying basket and into YOUR little baggie. Then eat them before they cool off. Better hurry.

    3. They buy the largest cows usually bulls cause they are cheaper per pound. Grind them up and add a lot of meat tenderize to make their patties but no human meat. Well maybe a finger or two might make it in there

    4. They have been serving ground meat (hamburger) with horse meat. They obtain their patties from the cheapest sources they can find. Buy your food in whole, unprocessed form and cook it yourself.

      1. back in the forties and fifties we ate horse meat. it was sold in many grocery stores. it was very rich and was darker than beef. it also had much less fat. the equestrian groups bribed the gubbmint to ban the sale of horse. the equestrian groups and the catch and release fishermen don’t want people to eat their prey, they just want to torture the animals.

    5. I have a hard time accepting that rumor (“serving human meat”. But, if you want to present your evidence, I’ll be glad to read it. (Not a MD fan.)

  3. It indeed appears McDonald’s is losing focus at a time when the corporation has some problems staying afloat. I’m glad I don’t own any McDonald’s stock. And I’ll avoid eating their food; they need to be focused on serving their customers not being politically correct.

        1. I guess Michael J. Fox must’ve spit on a few whites only burgers, too, because he’s shaking like a tambourine from the same disease.

    1. What about when the “best and brightest” are people of color, should they be looked over for promotions simply because of their skin color or country of origin? Or because they can speak more than one language? I’m not a racist nor a hypocrite – what’s right and fair should be the norm and expectation for everyone! People that get in an uproar and spew hate and sideways comments because another group is allowed a fair and equal chance to compete are typically racist and cowardly, whether you call yourself one or not. Perhaps they fear it’ll be discovered that they are the less competent party when all things are on an equal, fair, and level playing field. If not, then what’s the problem? If you have to lie to yourself into believing that a person of color is automatically less intelligent, less skilled, less qualified, then maybe it’s because you secretly know that the opposite is true. I, personally, know I am educated and skilled, so I don’t mind nor fret when competing with an equally skilled person, regardless of their color or ethnicity. I hate when I see an unskilled, uneducated white person gain promotion over a more qualified minority person solely for being white. That happens more often than not, yet I seldom see any white people having a problem with that. Why is that? Do we NEED society and systems to remain unjust in order for us to win and appear superior? I don’t think so. But some people do require that – and that is why the gov’t and companies have to put laws and policies in place to give all people a chance when others refuse to do so. I believe if the racist shoe fits, then wear it, instead of trying to place fault or blame where it doesn’t honestly belong. And while I love my white men and have never been with any other, it is hard for me to side with illogical reasoning or finger-pointing. I cannot respect that. And, as for McDonald’s, they’re garbage anyway, but I’m glad they’re implementing this change. Furthermore, I’m sure they’re not going to promote someone into executive management that has a 7th grade education just on the strength of meeting a “minority quota”. Surely they will be qualified and competent. Stop being afraid of having to compete without a leg up or the privilege and ease that being white has afforded this race for so long. Prove your mettle and worth, don’t just expect something over another (minority) person for being white. I’ll say it again, what’s right is right, and I want my soul right with God and that He may be pleased with me. I doubt He is pleased with so much hatred, rage, and oppression going on in the world, especially the USA!

      1. If you have to lie to yourself into believing that a person of color is automatically more intelligent, more skilled, more qualified, then maybe it’s because you secretly know that the opposite is true.
        And they are likely Neo-fascist liberal democrats!

      2. People should be hired for their ability and experience not the color of their skin. No black person that I know were ever slaves in this country, maybe their ancestors, nothing can change that that is history, but slave trading started in Africa by black people selling black people. Their is no such thing as an African American, you are either African or American depending on where you were born, color of skin has nothing to do with it. And as far as eating at McDonald’s , well only idiots eat their in my opinion.

        If you were born in America, you are American, if you were born in Africa you are African and there is no in between and you can’t be born in two different places and color of skin has nothing to do with anything.

    2. Those days seem to be the way of the past. Being stupid and non white means getting great jobs and the smart white guy lives in a card board box.

    1. No one in their right mind, wanting to see their company succeed, is going to hire someone for a management position simply because they are a minority or a woman, regardless of their qualifications. Can you spell STUPIDITY? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Further, if they actually do this, then we are looking at the beginning of the end of The McDonalds Corporation. What an absolute crock of “you know what”!!!

  4. Everyone likes to talk statistical percentages and talk about “disproportion”. So if African American people in the US account for 13-14% of the population, then how do you justify forcing a higher percentage into a position regarding race? We need to stop making groups and start calling everyone American and input the best people to a position. Only that will forward the country as a WHOLE. Otherwise, you are “disproportionately” treating every other group. Let’s be one group of Americans.

    1. We need to get statistical percentages in basketball and football, it’s now a must. Maybe boxing too. The percent of non-white is 75-80%.

      Go one step further, the NAACP, PUSH, The Black Firefighters Union, The Black Congressional Caucus all need to have statistical percentages for population sake.

    2. Agree, just hire the best qualified person for the job. Store location will also help determine this as well

    3. I agree Dave–I am of German ancestry but I am an AMERICAN not a German American. Racism will not go away until groups STOP separating themselves from others.

  5. Yeah like the McDonald’s in El Paso Texas at exit 37 on interstate 10 doesnt have enough illegals as it is. NOT ONE WHITE AMERICAN AT THAT STORE PERIOD.

  6. McDonalds has been our choice for decades. No longer. Boycotting any racist company is so easy to do. It is also about time reverse racism is being exposed. Racism is hating another race and there is no greater hatred than how some blacks feel about white people. Now we see white racism exposed by employers.
    Being white is nothing within our control, nor should we be blamed for another’s blackness. It is great to see some blacks rising above the blame game, accepting themselves and responsibility for life’s challenges. Even whites have challenges, who knew!

  7. Pretty sure this will be as successful as Ebonics, Kwanza and Reparations. Wait till they get to ‘the-imaging’ Ronald and Hamburgler. lol

    1. That reminds me, we haven’t seen Ronald around anymore. Guess he was too white for the times.
      Maybe he skipped town with Aunt Jemima. Or did she make off with Uncle Ben? Or Amos … or Andy?

  8. That’s another one on my list not to use. Americans have to boycott every one of these organizations and companies and get are Country back before it’s too late.

    1. It’s getting hard to keep track of these corps that yield to PC. Sometimes it’s a shakedown like old JJ used to do. Threaten to boycott a company but instead his son gets a distributorship and the threat went away. Yes the champions for racial equality became rich and the poor stayed poor yet the poor celebrate their victory?

  9. Sell all the shares you own in these companies. Do not buy there products or visit there stores.
    I will not shine shoes, nor will I let someone kick me in the ass for being a Native American.
    330 million people in this country and these companies are giving high paying jobs on skin color instead of ability.
    We as citizens must put an end to this!
    For every McDonald’s there is another burger brand across the street. For every coke there is a Pepsi in the next shelf.

  10. So, what they are saying is that McDonald’s has to hire “unqualified” applicants, according to their race, etc., or their “white” executives will be punished? What are we dealing with a kindergarten principal talking down to their “children”?!?!?! I thought people were hired to do a job according to their qualifications!! It sounds like a reverse discrimination case will be coming down the pike. I know I certainly would be filing one! I haven’t eaten anything from McDonald’s in years and this does not give me any incentive to ever eat there. I wonder how long McDonald’s will stay in business with a mentality like that. Can you imagine hiring a person with (1) no high school diploma much less a college degree in that field; (2) no experience in the workforce; (3) knows NOTHING about the food industry except eating hamburgers?? That’s just another way to dumb down the society in America!!! Way to go, jerks!!!!! Say “good-bye” to McDonald’s, your days are numbered with the way you think!!

  11. I’m going to keep hiring the person most qualified for the job to maximize profits. You want to lose money then that is on you, just don’t pedal your BS to me.

  12. McDonald’s needs to take a step back and maybe think about this one? What is going to happen when America kicks your ass with drive by boycotts or better yet going to Burger King across the street because you are committing corporate suicide! You keep this up and America will crush you like a grape and piss on you for having seriously bad judgement! Ronald will be out front of headquarters with a tin cup begging for his life!

  13. If you think McDonalds food was bad, wait until you see how bad it gets when unqualified executives start making decisions on their menu and what goes into the product.

  14. It’s been some ten years since my wife and I went to a McDonald’s, our kids have only gone w/ school groups, the church group does go out but not McD’s. Ten years ago, maybe longer the order taker didn’t understand English and when repeating what she though we ordered we couldn’t understand the mumbling. Naturally they didn’t get our order correct and had to wait somewhere in the parking lot for like forever, we sat and sat, after about 10 minutes the missie can out and literally threw the order through the window. We complained when we got home to the store and to OakBrook HQ, both said they’d address the store and the employee. They mailed us about $25 in coupons, never used them and never returned to any McD.

  15. Most McDonald’s I frequent do not have very many white employees so I think a lot of this is either media BS or outright lies! Since statistics still say the country has more whites than other records-kept races why is this a problem ? The whole nation is fed up with the race issue and it is getting in the way of all of our other needs! Perhaps if Democrats would get race out of their agenda all our American people would be better served! Wake up Pelosi, Schumer you guys should stop stuffing your greedy pockets and think of doing the jobs you first signed up for!

  16. On a per capita basis there are more minorities in all positions than should be. NOW, making it a policy to fire anyone who does not hire a specific group, regardless of qualifications, IS RACIST. Bye, Bye McD, don’t like your food, dirty shops and affirmative action sit on their azz employees as it is now, and it is going to get worse with this stupid policy!

  17. I am so glad I am not in the work force any more, 2 times I didn’t get a job because they hired a unqualified person, the only reason they got the job is they where black. The second time was with the company I retired from, I had a lot more qualities but he got the job making more then me, I had to do my job and that dumbasses job, it’s not fair to a more qualified people regardless

  18. McDonald’s has lost at least one customer. Anytime a hiring decision is based upon anything other than the best ability to do the job it starts to reek of socialism. I am happy to have the ability to no longer support companies that lean too far to the left. Ben and Jerry’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Facebook and a slew of other companies have entered my “do not buy” zone.

  19. McDonalds is a publicly held real estate holding company that provide low cost low value food. The value of their property and continued property lease payments is the core financial consideration. Franchisees and Corporate run stores are separate entities. Franchisees have control of hiring at local level and even though there may be some pressure from above there is obviously no problem with the sex or racial diversity presence in your local McDonalds. It was obvious 35 years ago when I worked for them that if you got up and could fog a mirror you were qualified to start your working life at McDonalds, it was designed that way from the beginning and it has not changed. If a company has determined that a large portion of their “Senior” positions at the corporate level require only fogging a mirror then I guarantee McDonalds is just the place to make that work.

  20. Once again, the left continues to be the minority view controlling the majority.

    Wait till you get synthetic burgers cooked on solar rays. Taste like no other!!!!!

  21. I have never eaten at a McDonald’s but of course, the kids have. As of today, that has ended unless they get a job and have their own income – that will be up to them. I can make sh** better than McDonald’s to begin with!

  22. Don’t favor Burger King either you all. Don’t you remember the gayburger in a rainbow colored paper wrap they sold a few years back ? Their CEO was a flamer. I’m surprised he didn’t come up with 6 and 1/2 inch puddogs at the same time. You are what you eat. Let’s all sell goofy politics to eat. Culinary dreck served up.

  23. Mc Donald’s is saying that minorities and females lack the ability to make it on their own. Sounds like minorities and females should be boycotting Mc Donald’s.

  24. McDonalds, your quality of products will become less with your reverse discrimination. You will lose business also and that being said, I have bought my last burger, etc from you. Further I shall forward this email to my many friends and family. Your ignominious liberalism is disgraceful.

    Good bye!

  25. Will the White Male Executives, in the name of equality, quit their jobs? I mean, if they’re going to make it a law about hiring white men, then they should be held to the same standards. They should look at how many execs are white and male and terminate them as well!

    Of course they won’t do that. This is nothing but posturing for the hate filled racist leftist media.

  26. Most of you missed the point. It has nothing to do with the local stores, but their “EXECUTIVES”, the ones that make all of the decisions and make the big $$$$$…
    If you look at any local food establishment, you will find a large disparity of employees of the white persuasion.
    People don’t want those jobs found in local stores, so the managers have to hire anyone who walks in with an application. There being the answer to local problems, depending on your local, If you live in a suburb, you will find a good mix of people. If you live in an urban, you will find a larger mix of hispanics and blacks.
    READ THE MESSAGE McD put out and know that they are talking about their over paid executives,

  27. I’M tired and fed up with The Government , The Media and Corporations forcing people on us that we do not want to associate with , I am not a racist but I am a segregationist and it offends me to no end the way this is being done !

  28. Here’s a really novel idea, hire the best qualified person, REGARDLESS of race or sex. Stupid to think you can continue to run a multi-billion dollar corporation and place people in positions that they can’t possibly do the job. Never hire any one beyond their abilities, that’s why we have minimum wage jobs.

  29. So let’s hire someone that is completely inadequate just to hit our numbers. Sounds like they are treating the people there just like they do there food quality.

    1. That BBQ slathered pig intestine sandwich? Almost as good as a Pink Slime burger. You’ll never catch me at a McDonald’s. Fact check, you’ll be Lovin’ It.

  30. Well, the reference to “priorities had switched from delivering delicious food” reminded me that Mickey D’s hasn’t had “delicious food” since the 1960s…

  31. Just another dose of liberal racism against White people, while MacDonald’s ignores qualifications for the job. This seems to be a moot statement, based strictly on favorable mores and liberal agendas, because it is rare to enter any fast-food restaurant and find more White employees than those of color. I have entered many fast-food restaurants where there were no White employees to be seen, so what is accomplished in broadcasting policies already in place?

  32. These companies who are getting on this leftist band wagon need to be corrected and they should get back to servicing their customers and not the leftist loons. Otherwise they need to become extinct. McDonald’s, Amazon, Disney and others are making me not want to do business with them. I was going to pay for the Disney channel so I could watch the Mandalorian but then they fired an actress for posting something they considered political or something. Now they put warning on the Muppets. Are they just plain nuts over there or are they trying to go out of business?

  33. It is really the Woke Business Community (McDonalds – Coke, etc.) that are the racist (anti-white) organizations in America.
    Hope this is reflected in their bottom line and their stock values for their Boards of Directors and Share Holders to consider.

  34. The food is so bad and the service even worse. I cook my own food. People of America need to get ready for whats coming. It will only get worse. Stock up – for hard times are ahead. Canned Food, Water, Solar lamps, blankets, self protection supplies, Military surplus jackets and other supplies, etc.
    Don’t trust the wrong people. A person with resources can make better choices. Stock up or be cold, hungry and desperate. We are now the enemy, even those Democrat voters will be on the wrong side. They will soon find out what they voted for. This will not be pleasent for them. (White, Hispanic, and Black)
    McDonalds has made more Black millionares then any other buisness. For this accomplishment over 50 Black store owners sued them. No more McTrash food for me.

  35. I wonder if Mr. Kempczinski wouldn’t mind giving up his position as a white CEO in order to fulfill the female/color quota? As a white privileged male, I’ll be happy to move my business elsewhere. I don’t condone political correctness as good business practice. It’s pandering at its worst.

  36. I hate to say it but I do eat a bigmac about every three years just so I remember their food taste like craps. But they would t ever have to worry about me again. They are some racist POS’s

  37. Fries? You like McDonald’s fries? I haven’t heard that in years, ever since they changed the cooling oil they fry the fries in for ‘better health.’

    The only way a McFry MIGHT taste good is if you tell them at the counter, “I want my fries to be HOT out of the pan, and then you stand there and look left and SEE them come out of the frying basket and into YOUR little baggie. Then eat them before they cool off. Better hurry.

    Oh, about McDonalds wanting to create more diversity in their hiring. Should not be hard to do. The employees you see at McDonald’s are either kids earning some extra moola while in high school, an adult earning a few extra dollars to support the family, and the rest? well…Bill O’Reilly said it best years ago. “If you aren’t going to graduate at least high school, better learn to say…”Do you want fries with that?”

  38. Mickey Ds food has gone downhill steadily over the last 20 years. The only way to maintain the huge profit taking at the top is to cheapen up the products. Since they want to roll over and capitulate to the special interest groups, simply talk with your dollars. Eat elsewhere!!! There are plenty of better alternatives. Eat more chicken. I mean real chicken not what McDonalds passes off as chicken. I haven’t spent 1 cent in a McDonalds since 2001. Chick Filet, BK and Italian Beef sandwich places. There is nothing Happy about the meals at Mickey Ds. And now you have 1 more reason to avoid them.

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