BLM Mob Traps 100 Customers Inside Grocery Store: ‘We’re Shutting S*** Down!’ (VIDEO)


Black Lives Matter protesters mobilized in Rochester, New York, attacked a Wegmans grocery store, and trapped an estimated 100 customers inside.

The protests were triggered by the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who died after a viral encounter with the Rochester Police Department. Democrat New York Attorney General announced last month that a grand jury will not seek charges against officers involved in the incident.

According to local news reporter Michael Schwartz, the cadre of BLM supporters yelled, “We have a long walk today, we’re shutting s*** down!”

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About 200 protesters then marched all the way to the Wegmans grocery store on East Avenue. Once there, the mob trapped about 100 customers inside.

Schwartz reported, “The group has set up here at East Ave. Wegmans. Cars following have carried these supplies. Last time I saw a tent setup was at Occupy City Hall. Shoppers cannot leave.”

“Hundreds of people trapped in the East Avenue #ROC Wegmans by this mob,” Rochester journalist and radio host Bob Lonsberry said. “The Rochester Police Department is just watching and letting it happen. I guess fire codes and trespassing aren’t things in Rochester anymore. What an embarrassing day for the city and the PD.”

Democrat & Chronicle reporter Justin Murphy tweeted, “There are a bunch of shoppers inside Wegmans who aren’t being allowed to leave.”

The Daily Wire reported, police reports showed that Prude was restrained by officers while waiting for the ambulance that the cops summoned. Video evidence showed that Prude threatened officers by saying, “Give me your gun, I need it.”

As reported by Forbes, Prude “had been taken to the local hospital for suicidal thoughts about eight hours before his encounter with police on March 22.”

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  1. I’m telling you, if people started shooting these animals like the rabid dogs they are, and left the bodies in the streets, this shit would stop real quick..

    1. This article seems missing leading. The video looks like the mob is trying to enter the facility; not locking in the customers in.

      Don’t start miss reporting like CNN!

      1. Doors were locked because of threatening crowd charging the entrance. Customers inside being intimidated by a well-known violent gang acting their usual bullying part. I don’t think the customers felt ‘free’ to leave that store, let alone unlock the doors.

    2. See little Johnny and Billie, if you behave as a savage brute beast you will be exterminated by the civil authorities and your wicked soul will be l cast into hell by the Lord.

      1. What a mess our country is in. The bible is right on the money about us and how man’s government will end.

    3. I’m not a violent man. But, I do understand that sometimes, regretably, violence is the only solution. These cowards can only be “brave” when they can attack in the hundreds or in the dead of night. Ask them to openly protest in small groups, and they’ll go running home to mommy.

      Have someone, just once, decide that if the law won’t protect them, then Smith & Wesson will have to suffice, and BLM will run. Of course later they’ll claim it was a race crime. Which is why when that happens, they better make sure its a white man shooting another white man. So nobody can claim race was involved, simply doing your civic duty to clean up the streets!

  2. This is why I do not live in New York. The police are wimps who will not stop extortionists and kidnappers. Peaceful protest is one thing, imprisonment is another. I normally would say nothing, but the citizens of NY voted for the idiots who are encouraging this, and voted for the idiots who took away their Second Amendment right to defend themselves.

      1. Here’s the problem: many people that live there did NOT vote for this and are just as trapped as these people in the grocery store.

        1. A great big THANK YOU goes out to NYC, Syracuse, and all the other big cities in New York, dominated by the Democrat Politicians who have literally owned them forever! There are many, many good New Yorkers who are penalized with high taxes, and ridiculous laws, and, just like California, they are too ensconced to get rid of…

      2. The problem is godly people don’t run for public office. Only the worst of the worst criminal scum hold public office.

    1. The NYC police are not wimps. Their hands are tied by DeBlasio and his liberal administration, who don’t want to “Violate BLM’s civil rights” to “Peacefully protest”! Haven’t you figured out YET that the liberal media is LYING TO YOU!!!! WAKE UP dumbass, and smell the sewage!

    2. They are called Dumb Ass A Craps and people still keep voting them in and they never learn.


  3. “We have a long walk today,”

    As we know from the Jan 6 riots, reference to taking a walk is inciting a riot. At least, that’s what people insisted when Trump said it.

  4. Headline should have read “blm TERRORISTS trap 100 customers…” 200 more reasons for concealed carry and the right to protect yourself.

    1. These BLM activists should have been arrested for illegally detaining/confining/kidnaping over 100 individuals. This is a capital/federal crime!

  5. Nicole is right. I see a Volcano ready to explode with a lot of blood and fire. I see this coming 8 or 10 years ago.

  6. Eventually the blm movement will decide to kill some innocent white people. Robert Ruark, a Washington Post reporter, warned this country in the 50s that this was coming. If New York police just stand by and watch they should definitely be defunded. Just let people be responsible for their own safety. Roll the dice and see what happens. It’s reached the point where the BLM movement needs to be shown that Mob rule is not going to be tolerated. Showing weakness from bullies is just an invitation to expect more.

    1. Disgusted – As a former law enforcement officer (LEO) in a major city ridden with crime, it’s hard to believe I’m actually saying this: Defund all law enforcement (LE) agencies to the point that there are no more LEOs. At that point, civilians will start to understand that they’ve always been their own first responders, as they are on site when crimes occur against them. LEOs (and medicos), at best, are second responders, with LEOs most often being employed to document crimes which have already occurred. From where each law-abiding citizen stands, everything else is downrange. (Let that sink in!)

      Inhibit my free movement, or attack me (or those for whom I assume responsibility), find out how fast bleeding out takes.

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  7. I feel if your life is threaten you have the right to protect your self , start packing use as needed

    1. Just make sure you aim is true, use full trigger finger control. Breath slow, steady, and don’t hold your breath in anticipation.
      Target realized!

  8. When we took people from an aboriginal culture where “might is right” as there was no written word, law, math beyond “1,2,3,many…” or family tradition, why are we surprised when they react violently to our law? Nonetheless, many blacks have assimilated and succeed, getting degrees, becoming doctors and more. There is the key. Education. Having taught in a mixed race school I learned to work with the black coaches when I had an angry black male student and that worked very well. Generally, black girls are not problematic, but they have no power in their own culture.

    1. Well said, Adrian! You have nailed the “Race” problem right on the head. There are people like Dr. Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Sheriff Clark, and so many others who are not stereotypical. The majority, however, come from a culture that is diametrically opposed to American culture.
      One more thing; I suppose you realize, you and I are now officially “Politically Incorrect”.

      1. Individually people are rational, intelligent and reasonable. Get them as a group or mob they can become irrational easily triggered (and there are groups who specialize in triggering them) and easily enraged into violence. Forget the protest/riots, look at English rugby matches or international soccer matches where fans go wild and people are injured or trampled to death in celebrations of victory or anger at a bad call. It is part of the nature of mobs. And to see where this is going look to Germany 1939 & 1940. Or even better Venezuela over the last 5-10 years and you will have timeline and script for what is happening now.
        Get the crowd assembled for peaceful action then turn the instigators loose to do their well planned and rehearsed jobs. Stacks of bricks, flammable materials and gear don’t just appear magically nor were they planned by the majority of those who went to protest. But just let the pros loose to put a brick, rock or other item into some ones hand, as the tensions build (also with the help of the pros who start it then move to the back and turn the cannon fodder loose). It doesn’t take much egging them on before the brick becomes a projectile and the fun starts.

  9. Burn loot murder, kamalas Varsity team. Of course in NY only the criminals have rights. Bet if someone shot one of those dirtbags they would be arrerted and tried. And if it’s a female, Cuomo would be paying her a visit in her cell. Wink wink

  10. if they were white protestors there would be national guard from 4 states there in 20 minutes and they would stay there to man the orange plastic fences

  11. Let’s say it like it is! Antifa/BLM is a MILITANT GROUP! An ARMY! An ANTI-AMERICAN army! If ANY OTHER army attacked our cities, it would be WAR! (Like Pearl Harbor and 9/11)! It’s time to call out the MARINES! They would quickly erase Antifa from the face of the earth!

  12. I would remind the owner of the store and those locked inside that BLM had $90 million in donations in 2020 so instead of asking for them to be arrested start suing them because guess what, they aren’t using that money to make black Americans lives better, nope the few at the top use it to live like millionaires.
    My guess is most aren’t worried about getting arrested as we don’t do that anymore but if we start taking them to court and it cost them money we might see a change in attitude.

  13. Oh damm they walked 12,000 feet, that’s pretty good for domestic terror what do they want now free groceries “oh wait they’re already getting those” thanks to millions of hard working Americans

  14. I’m glad I live in a state where you can conceal and carry this BLM shit doesn’t happen in my state people need to Protect themselves they need to be armed. Let Mr. Glock or Mr. Smith Serve them some dinner they won’t like what they were served And they won’t be coming to dinner anymore. BLM is nothing more than a bunch of American terrorist scumbags that need to be squashed like the cockroaches that they are.

    1. Jerry – I prefer the wisdom of Colonel Colt, but I think we’re basically singing from the same sheet of music!

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  15. As retired cop I say Shame on those cops and the city for allowing the shoppers to be put in danger by their inaction!

  16. Why are people allowing black looters matter to control them like this. Get your white A’s out there and put a stop to these phoques.

  17. BLM/AntiFa blocks a door? SHOOT THE F–KERS!
    They block a public roadway/highway/street? RUN THEIR F–KIING ASS OVER!

    This is war, and it is time for patriotic citizens to start acting like it, and eliminate the trash from bottom to top!

  18. They are mad at police for shooting another Blackman but yet they take it out on everyone. What if the same happened everytime a black robs or kills a white guy for no reason. What happened with peaceful protests and they call the Proud Boys domestic terrorists. Id say the same goes for BLM. Just as the shooting in Colorado was was a Muslim like most of the other mass shootings. If it was a white guy the press would be all over it.. this double standard crap is getting old.I’m sure the left will let criminals know they are cracking down on the 2nd amendment so they will loose their guns. The 2nd amendment attack is only going to affect law abiding citizens. If a criminal wants a gun then they will get one just as the street gangs do.

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