Be Warned: Biden Aims to Outshine Obama as a Progressive Reformer

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the Department of Labor’s March jobs report from the State Dining Room at the White House, April 2, 2021. (Erin Scott/Reuters)

As a likely one-term POTUS, he is aiming for ‘greatness’ — fast. And the country may pay the price.


n looking at the nearly $5 trillion in proposed spending in the Biden budget, people are wondering, “What happened to the Joe Biden who ran for president by citing his 36-year record as a moderate dealmaker in the Senate?”

The answer is that, at age 78, he has bought into the belief that he has only a little time to become a transformational president and leave a legacy of “greatness.” In Washington speak, that means adding to the size of government and ridding oneself of any notion you can spend too much money.

As National Review editor Rich Lowry points out, bills

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  1. So destroying a country makes you great? Dementia jo will go down in history as the first communist operative to destroy America and china will put him on their calendar as a Chinese holiday!

    1. Old – it does – it hurts US – not him. I suspect that he knows he won’t be around long enough to suffer the consequences of his horrible actions.

    1. Bob – you made a potentially dangerous assumption – there is no empirical evidence that there are any sane persons in that group.

    1. Thanks man! My thoughts exactly. The dunce prick more than deserves every second of his eternity in HOT HELL!!!

  2. Don’t blame Sloe Joe for the wrong thing.
    One cannot help being stupid.
    However, one CAN help being a LIAR!

    When he steps up to the podium,
    he doesn’t know what he is going to say.
    As he reads it, he doesn’t know what he is saying.
    As he walks away, he doesn’t know what he said.

    Then some staff members show him the way back to the Oval Office.

  3. GOODY!!! Dunce churl brute beast Biden is going to even hotter lower hell than Obama will go to!!!

  4. A few days ago I found myself in a deep hole with no way out and only a shovel. . .so I started digging.
    I figured that if it works for Neo-fascists spending money they do not have, then I should be able to dig deep enough to get out of the hole!

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