Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs bill to defy any new federal gun control laws

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Republican Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona signed a bill on Tuesday that would ban local governments and employees from enforcing or aiding any infringement on gun rights imposed by the federal government.

House Bill 2111 was passed by the Arizona House and Senate in an attempt to preempt any new regulation of guns by the Biden administration.

“The state of Arizona and its political subdivisions are prohibited from utilizing any financial resources or state personnel to administer, cooperate with or enforce any law, act, order, rule, treaty or regulation of the federal government that is inconsistent with any law of this state regarding the regulation of firearms,” read the text of the legislation.

Biden has promised to seek a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the wake of several mass killings after he assumed office.

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Critics of the bill included Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone who said there was a “political motivation” behind it.

“It’s one of those emotional issues but as far as the impact on law enforcement, it will create confusion or challenges more than benefits or protecting the Second Amendment,” Penzone said to KTAR radio on Thursday.

Others say that the law will lead to litigation that will have to be paid with taxpayer money. Moms Demand Action, a gun control advocacy group, gathered over 2,400 signatures opposing the bill and presented them to Ducey’s office hours before he signed it into law.

Democratic Arizona state Sen. Lisa Otondo assured gun owners that their rights were safe.

“Nobody is trying to take away your guns, not for the protection of your family, your property, nor your Second Amendment right to own them,” Otondo said.

Despite those assurances, gun sales have skyrocketed first over fears of instability from the pandemic lockdowns and later when President Joe Biden was elected.

Here’s more about gun sales surging after Biden’s election victory:

Gun Sales Surge

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  1. Good for him!!! Doddering Joe, Chlamydia, Peloser and the rest of you liberal pricks can kiss my A$$.. You will get um when you pry um from my cold dead hands, and good luck finding the rest of my stash..

    P.S. That click you heard will let you know when you are close…Bubye

    1. Sorry no. Good for the people of Arizona. Not Ducey. Ducey is trying to curry favor after falsely certifying Arizona’s elections despite a mountain of evidence of fraudulent ballots. He’s angling for a Senate run against Mark Glenn. Not happening.

      1. Susan L, I don’t live in Arizona. I did not know about all the bad stuff going on in this State. Maybe now GOV. Ducey will see the wrongs he has done, and will now do for the American People. HMMMM.
        BOBBY ~!~

    2. All police chiefs should be sent a letter by gun groups, and individuals stating, “If you try this, you station and equipment will be targeted.”

  2. The Dems keep saying no one is trying to take away your guns while putting bills in place to do just that. Feinstein’s new assault weapon ban is the most recent. The other bills already passed by the U.S. House would make it more difficult to get guns and share with friends even while out shooting targets with UBC. Then the one that gives the Feds the ability to indefinitely hold up your gun sale. So in theory if you loan a gun to a friend after going through a stupid UBC the Feds could delay getting it back from him/her because you would have to go through another UBC just to get your own gun back which they could delay indefinitely.

    1. This is a welcome action; finally someone with balls to counter the hypocrisy of liberal Democrats! ALL STATES should do this and it WOULD BE LEGAL. After all, how many Democrat states have legalized marijuana use despite Federal law still classifying it as illegal. If they can IGNORE that Federal law, then we can ignore any other federal laws that we disagree with. Similarly, if States can ignore Federal law, then why can’t citizens of a State ignore State laws? Hawaii will be one of the first states to ban “assault weapons” that they say are stuff like ARs, just because it “looks” like a military weapon. Well, we’ll just IGNORE Hawaii’s law since they ignore Federal law already. Sorry, but without due process, they can’t criminalize us based on a written law rather than actions we commit. We’ve had these firearms for many decades and not committed a crime with them; they have NO RIGHT to try to take them away or limit our use as we see fit.

  3. Good for Ducey ! The sheriff of Maricopa county is a candy ass who has let crime get out of control. He and the police force in Maricopa county should give up their guns. Because they are a joke. They go after everyone but the criminals. And they have a fair share of criminals on the force who shouldn’t be allowed to have guns.

    1. Not asking for names, but living in Iowa has kept me insulated from local and county occurrences in Arizona, and other States. Are there officers in Maricopa indicted for crimes, and what’s the percentage of the force that’s been charged? Thanks, NB

  4. Good for the Gov. Thanks from all us gun totters across the nation! I hope this is the first of many states to take a stand to help protect our second amendment.

    1. This is what Republican-controlled states should be doing with every EO or partisan act passed through Congress, especially laws antithetical to the constitution, and that already exist.

      This is a lot less volatile than talk of succession and already has precedence with democrats who’ve actually ignored federal laws and the constitution when establishing sanctuary cities and states. It’s certainly a message, and solution, to Pelosi and Schumer’s attempts to rewrite the constitution.

  5. Nobody is taking away your guns yet that is exactly what they propose to do. Orwellian doublespeak at it’s finest.

  6. What is it about the second amendment the left don’t get and not sure many on the right get.SHALL NOT Be infringed means just that.And in case nobody knows how to look up words definition below.They have already infringed on our rights with the laws they passed.The constitution does not say what kind of gun u can have .Ur rights do not come from the government their rights come from the people.Everyone needs get this stuff in their heads.

    Definition of infringe
    transitive verb
    1: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another
    infringe a patent

    2obsolete : DEFEAT, FRUSTRATE
    And another
    to commit a breach or infraction of; violate or transgress:
    to infringe a copyright; to infringe a rule.

    2nd Amendment
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    1. It’s not a matter of them understanding it. They understand it. They just consider it DANGEROUS … to their attempts to grab more and more power. That’s all it is. It’s nothing more than “We need you Weak and Powerless! The Second Amendment is in the way, so it has to be destroyed.”

  7. Good for Ducey! The critic’s excuses don’t cut it. 32 years behind the badge. 12 years as an elected Sheriff.

    The Maricopa County Sheriff is a leftist, pandering liberal. The more states that join this movement, the more powerful it becomes. If 40 states had similar laws, the Biden “administration” would tear itself apart.

    1. Even if Ducey did push the bill through for political gain, I’ll still take it. Because it means the STATE has more power against the corruption at the Federal Level.

      I’d love to see that up here in Washington state. Watch those Antifa folks realize they’re facing up against Armed Citizens who’ve had enough and want to be able to go downtown and do their business.

      Right now, Downtown feels like its sliding toward the Slums. Some of that is because of regular ANTIFA/BLM attacks, some of it is due to anti-cop rhetoric by criminals in office and on the streets.

  8. Good. At least there are some who realize that the Democrats are anti Constitutional.
    More states need this type of law.

  9. I’m glad he signed it.
    They might also want to enact legislation that punishes corporations and corporate officers who retaliate against Arizona or her people for taking positions they don’t like.

  10. Pelosi, Schumer, Harris and Biden are marching to Socialism. The education of our children has been compromised for years now. They are Learning socialism. The media in turn has become a bunch of liars spewing racism, division and false/deceptive news. The big tech is in with socialism. The large corporations are bending and some leading the way to the leftist agenda of changing this country to a socialist end. Now even the sports leagues are in on it. The NBA has shown itself to be bending to China and a socialist outcome. The MLB has turned into a bunch sheep. Really there is not much left and this administration is taking full advantage of Democratic, leftist thinking voters that have been manipulated in our schools, media and social media. Passing Huge spending bills and then taxes to “pay” for them is also a plan for socialism. Taking away your guns is the last part of it. The second is in peril. They have been working on the way people think about guns for years now. They NEVER let a crisis (mass shootings) go to waste. Even mass murder with other instruments provokes a call to gun control ! Keep buying MORE guns. Keep buying MORE ammunition. Let the government know that even a good portion of Democratic voters are gun friendly. Don’t let JOE tell you that it would be a good thing to register guns. This is their agenda with the background checks. Deception is their motive. Make the government enforce the laws already on the books. Hell, even Hunter Biden got away with a felony gun violation !!

  11. Some people will never understand. It’s never been about “gun control”, it’s about “people control”…..

  12. Hey Penzone, you pin-head idiot, here is a very simple way to avoid “confusion”. Enforce The Constitution of The United States of America, you dummfukk! That should be easy, even for an idiot like you!

    Democratic Arizona state Sen. Lisa Otondo said, “Nobody is trying to take away your guns, not for the protection of your family, your property, nor your Second Amendment right to own them.” No, the Neo-fascist, haters of the U.S.A. just will make them too expensive too own, and ammunition too scarce to use them!

    These democrats who have proven themselves to be domestic eneimies of the people MUST be stopped, by any means available to the citizens who care about their country!

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