‘I hope that’s bleach in the syringe’: Liberals react to Ivanka Trump posting a vaccination pic

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Critics of Ivanka Trump reacted harshly and bitterly to her publishing photographs of herself being vaccinated against the coronavirus and encouraging her followers to do the same.

“Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!!” read the tweet from the daughter of former President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

While some thanked Trump for encouraging her 10.3 million followers to get vaccinated, many of her critics used the opportunity to assail her and her family.

“After she, her klan daddy, and her entire degenerate family were complicit in the deaths of 500k people, including my mother in love, family members, church members, colleagues, and friends, I don’t give a flying fig about Ivanka Trump getting vaccinated,” tweeted left-wing pastor Talbert Swan.

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“I don’t believe for a second that she waited till she was actually eligible for the vaccine and didn’t jump the line. This pic is probably 3 months old,” said personal trainer Aaron Guy.

“They bent the needle trying to puncture her white privilege,” said another Twitter user.

One critic was particularly acidic in their response.

“I hope that’s bleach in that syringe,” read the tweet.

Not all of her critics were from the left. Many on the right were angered that she would tell Americans to get vaccinated.

Additionally, some adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory were also disappointed and conjectured that perhaps it was a staged vaccination.

The U.S. has jumped far ahead of Europe in their comparative vaccination rates. A report from RTE said that the difference could be explained by the U.S. going into business early on with pharmaceutical companies to produce the vaccine, while European countries shopped for the vaccine.

Here’s more about vaccinations in the United States:

Covid vaccines: Why is the US so far ahead of Europe?


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