Biden pledges to cut US emissions by 50% in 9 years — here’s what that could mean for you

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President Joe Biden held a climate summit with dozens of world leaders on Thursday, where he pledged to cut America’s greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 — with or without approval from Congress.

Besides claiming that Biden’s promised transformation of the U.S. economy under a Green New Deal-type image would create millions of jobs, the administration has not explained how its plan would impact everyday life for Americans. But some folks are already starting to do the math.

What are the details?

The New York Times wrote that achieving Biden’s climate goal “would mean a very different America,” pointing to studies that show what the “far-reaching” changes could look like within nine years:

  • Half of the country’s electricity would come from renewable sources such as wind, solar, or hydropower, up from one-fifth today (meaning “the number of wind turbines and solar panels dotting the nation’s landscape could quadruple”).
  • Two-thirds of new cars and SUVs sold would be battery-powered, up from roughly 2% today.
  • Oil and gas producers would slash emissions of methane, a potent heat-trapping gas, by 60%.
  • Virtually all of the 200 remaining coal plants in the U.S. would shut down unless they can also capture their emissions and bury them underground.

The Times noted that “policymakers would have to take care in crafting measures that do not cause serious economic harm, such as widespread job losses or spikes in energy prices, that could lead to blowback.”

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With those points taken into consideration, The Daily Mail gathered studies to show how such sweeping reforms might impact the average American. The outlet compiled a number of recent studies to show how drastic the changes would look.

According to the Mail, a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems showed Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by 90%, to 4 pounds per year. That is the equivalent of limiting your intake to one hamburger per month. Consumption of all other meats would need to be cut by half.

What else?

The outlet confirmed the Times’ estimate that 65% of new cars and SUVs would have to be electric, adding that 10% of new trucks sales would also have to be electric while noting, “The average cost of a new electric vehicle is about $55,000.”

One-fourth of Americans would need to stop heating their homes with natural gas and switch to electricity, meaning a rough investment of more than $5,500 for those households to install an electric heat pump.

In the end, the administration’s plan will likely cost trillions of dollars to taxpayers.

Before Biden was even elected, Stanford University fellow Bjorn Lomborg argued in the Orange County Register that the Democrat was guilty of “climate panic,” noting that many of his proposals would hurt Americans’ pocketbooks and not even achieve significant benefits to the environment.

Lomborg concluded that “Biden’s plan will cost $3,500 per taxpayer each year. And this cost will increase significantly.”

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  1. Someone with out congress approval, needs to put this idiot in his grave, before he kills the country.

    1. If he goes look at the next two in line Harris the adultress then Pelosi the hate monger, our country is doomed for at least the next 4 years unless the democratic plan to flood the country with illegal aliens in exchange for votes goes through then we can all bend over and put our heads between our legs and kiss our you know what goodby.

      1. That happened when the Democrats realized they could easily steal any election, just by manufacturing a “Global Pandemic”, and scaring people into not going to the Polls, but “Mail In Ballots”, never before seen in such numbers, and contrary to expectation or necessity! When Democrat Poll Workers were allowed to close polls for “Health reasons”, and remove all the Republican Observers, then allowed ONLY Democrat workers back in, well, that speaks to “Intent”! You will never see another fair election in this country again, especially now that they are pulling the strings!

    2. All these electric cars will increase the demand for electricity. How do we do that? Texas has shown us that solar power does not always work. Same goes for wind turbines. So what do we do when these elements do not work? As usual, Biden has his head up his butt. Just have the rest of the world cut their emissions as much as we have. That would solve the problem. Do not put all the world’s problems on us to solve.

  2. BIDEN IS a MORON he will go down in history as the Worse ever president. The only thing we can do is Boycott and Vote them all out in 2022 and get our Country back.

  3. There are limits to how much useful energy can be generated by solar and wind power. If they want to cut back on fossil fuels to the extent that they say then they will have to start promoting nuclear.

  4. Idiot Biden should start cutting dangerous emissions by keeping his lying China loving Communist mouth shut.

  5. Where is all of this energy coming from to charge electric vehicles. At least 5 states have rolling blackouts every year currently meaning that there is not enough electricity generated NOW to handle normal electric utility demands. Solar and wind generation don’t contribute enough and are unreliable depending on the speed of the wind and clarity for the sun. Proponents of EVs say that people will charge their vehicles at night when electricity demand is lower. But what about the people who travel either by car or truck during the day? There are not enough charging stations (or chargers in those stations) to handle daily demand. So where is all the new electric power going to come from? Whatever the alternatives, it will require a massive amount of electicity to fill the need for additional electricity and there must be a way to store and transfer it. Newly constructed plants will require people to pay higher utility bills because electric utilities are allowed to make a “reasonable profit”, so the consumer will be stuck with this bill. We are energy independent right now and Biden wants to ruin it.

    1. You and I point out same issues with this but you missed one major concern. The batteries for all these vehicles and for backup of the solar homes. These will need raw materials to build from mining the resources, they have a limited life so how will they be disposed of as most of the new batteries contain hazardous materials. Every auto accident will be hazardous spill site as if built like Tesla’s the batteries are bolted to frame and the casings could crack.
      And just imagine if we have incidents like the Samsung batteries a few years ago. What if battery in car overheated and ignited while driving down freeway or in a garage while charging?

    1. Your an idiot because it’s going to cost you to and how are low income people and the retirees ever going to afford to buy these electric cars and pay higher electric bills, people never think these things out with the technology we have today we can never supply enough electricity

      1. Not to worry the government will take care of everything like free cars electric to the poor. They got it all under control just like the border.

        1. Free cars, has it ever been thougth of how free (electric) cars will impact pollution, when it will be necessary to build more electricity generating plants, and what they will be fueled with/by? Maybe floor pedals?

    2. Fine. Show the rest of us that A) Biden has the authority to act without Congress and B) Questions raised like those from our mutual friend Scott E. High are irrelevant or invalid.

    3. Church, when you have nothing else, you libraries revert to name calling, not facts. How about the fact that it takes approximately 20 years from start to opening of a new energy plant to be built. We currently do not have enough energy creating facilities to meet these needs. The US has exceeded our cutting back on fossil fuel as well as pollution . under the Paris Accords, China and India , currently the worlds largest polluters , are exempt from the accords for over 10 years. Under the accords the United States will give money to other nations to fix the problems in their country’s. The American taxpayer will bear the burden of the accords. The loss of jobs will highly impact American workers. Before you open your mouth I suggest you open your mind first.

    4. Chuck, how is it fear mongering to ask where the power for all of these EV’s will come from? The bill called for replacing not expanding, unless I missed that line, up to 50% of existing power generating facilities with renewable sources for a grid which is already taxed in many major metropolitan areas and states. Not expanding it to cover all the new EV’s being required.
      And eventually prices for the EV’s will start dropping but as someone retiring on fixed income a new EV is not in my budget. Not fear mongering fact checking and I do live in a state that has already expanded the grid with renewable wind power generation meeting our demands outside the rural areas. Wish I could afford to install a wind and solar as a balanced source on my property but not in budget unfortunately.

  6. When climate cooling failed they came up with global warming. When global warming failed they called it “climate change”. I don’t care what they call it it is still a scam. Something the democrats are masters at. Pulling scams is all they do. Not one of them has the intelligence to actually solve real problems so they make up stuff to scare the populace into voting for them and their crack pot ideas. There’s only one thing that can alter the climate on this planet and that is mother nature. Whether it’s from a volcano spewing tons off ash in the air or the sun doing its worst, man is very small and to think we have the power to change the climate is ridiculous. We can’t get the day to day weather right what makes you think that we can predict the weather 10, 20 or 100 years from now. Wake up people the party that brought you the civil war, the KKK and segregation is now running another scam. Beware.

  7. By the way, the batteries to power electric cars are much more damaging to the environment that standard batteries used to start a gas or diesel driven car. Recycling these batteries will be a huge problem in the future. Also, I do not think the flexible light weight carbonite bodies of these EVs are recyclable. And the cost to replace a battery in an EV is about $2000, I know because I had to replace the battery in my Prius!

  8. This may be Biden’s plan to slow immigration from third-world countries – making the U.S. a third-world country! The elites are not concerned about how the electricity will be generated – they will be able to afford the high cost alternative themselves, and they will leave the rest of us to freeze in the dark. The dramatic decrease in population will be the “final solution” to the climate-change problem.

  9. Joe Biden is a nitwit and has’nt a clue about anything he is proposing or talking about. We the people of this country have become cursed with an asshole who is being led by other assholes such as the women in the squad, China and several other idiots like Nancy Pelosi and maxine waters.p0 I wish God would rid us of these lazy, deceitful, angry misfits so we can get our country back. The democrats and liberals have got their heads so far up their ass they will never see the truths of daylight right before them. Heaven help us. We need a true leader to return to our country and save us from all of the democratic blue bullhit. I pray that the majority of Americans will realize the need to vote for Donald Trump once again so we can get our country back on track. I feel sorry for those democratic liberals who can’t see the future for their ignorance. God bless America with a republican house and senate.

  10. pres. Pretend Bidet ain’t got no power…he’s just a govt. official-doesn’t even list himself as a “president” of the united states. Only a govt. official for the BANKRUPT AND DEFUNCT u.s. corporation…

    PEDERAST of United States is more precise for Pedo Joe and the Hoe…

  11. If the Democrat party wants to reduce the emissions of unhealthy compounds, I have a surefire method to do just that. And it won’t take nine years either!

    All they have to do is close their mouths and for the rest of their lives, breathe through their noses. Because every time they open their mouth, they pollute the world!

  12. The power generated using carbon producing fossil fuels that is used to make the parts, charging stations, etc. for electric vehicles cancels out any emission savings.
    We the People have to be willing to comply (at our expense) with Biden’s promise to the world to make Biden’s commitment work.
    In nine years Biden will be dead or out of office, putting the real burden to comply with his promise on other people.
    Bottom line, just like Biden and his Administration its all BS that will never happen!

  13. Xi-JinBiden’s proposals would hurt Americans’ pocketbooks and not even achieve significant benefits to the environment.

    And THAT is the Neo-fascist democrat plan. If they cannot control EVERY aspect of your life, they WILL find a way to kill you. Why do you think they planned COVID?

  14. Reading these comments brings me to one conclusion. Whether one is a Neo-fascist democrat, or a conservative patriot, the majority of Americans are poorly educated illiterates who do not deserve to procreate or survive what is coming in the not so distant future. Thankfully I will be dead by then!

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