‘That is theft!’ — Pat Gray calls out ‘despicable’ FBI for seizure of property belonging to innocent citizens

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Unless a federal judge intervenes, innocent Americans may never see $85 million in cash, precious metals, and family heirlooms seized by the FBI during a raid on Private Vaults (USPV).

USPV was indicted by the feds for conspiracy to sell drugs and launder money, which led to the seizure of 800 safety deposit boxes, only a few of which were reported to have been included in the search warrant.

According to a report, “The asset list in the seizure notice discloses more than a dozen boxes containing more than $1 million each in cash, and many more in six figures. Others list jewelry, collectible coins, gold and silver, and ‘Precious Items’ with nominal $1 figures.The FBI appears to have exceeded the search warrant approved by the court, which prohibited snooping on the box contents except to ‘identify their owners in order to notify them’ about claiming their property.”

The report also stated, “The Institute for Justice (IJ) is seeking class-action status, for a May lawsuit by several owners alleging “shocking, unconscionable, and unconstitutional” behavior by the government. IJ attorney Robert Frommer accused the feds of an “$85 million cash grab” from people who were not accused of wrongdoing.”

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On Monday’s show, Pat Gray called the FBI “despicable” for confiscating property belonging to USPV clients who were never charged with a crime.

After the lawsuit was filed, the FBI reportedly offered to return some property to the original owners but those included in the suit say they still have not received their property.

“That is theft,” Pat asserted.

He added that he wasn’t sure which constitutional amendment was more violated, the First Amendment — free speech or the Fourth Amendment — illegal search and seizure.

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