New EV has solar panels built into the chassis. What could go wrong?

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Has a Netherlands car manufacturer solved the electric car problem?

A startup called Lightyear developed an electric vehicle that features solar panels built into the car’s chassis, allowing the car to charge without plugging it in.

In this episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat was disappointed by the new EV’s performance statistics. Watch the clip for more information on car performance.

According to Lightyear: “Lightyear 0 charges anywhere and takes you everywhere, regardless of electrical infrastructure. Our cars are built for grid independence, charging from the sun or, if needed, a regular household socket. Every trip is clean, convenient, and independent, powered by the journey itself.”

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A scientific report published in 2016 raised concerns about the potential for a rise in temperature near solar plants. A report was published on a site called Nature titled “The Photovoltaic Heat Island Effect: Larger solar power plants increase local temperatures.”

The report stated a “growing” and “understudied concern” about whether or not PV installations cause a “heat island” (PVHI) effect that warms surrounding areas, thereby potentially influencing wildlife habitat, and ecosystem function in wildlands, human health, and even home values in residential areas.”

In case you are wondering what “PV installations” refers to, according to the U.S. government, PV energy is short for photovoltaic energy and a technical term for solar energy.

The Lightyear company seems to think it has a viable solution for a zero-emissions future. Time will tell.

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