Five Scandalous Biden Administration Cover-Ups

Did you know that the media has already laid the groundwork to paint the Biden administration as “scandal-free,” just like it did with the Obama administration?

Back in December, Albert Hunt wrote in The Hill that 2021 “wasn’t all that bad” and cited the “scandal-free” administration as proof, suggesting that the Biden administration was “more honest, also more competent” than the Trump administration. I’m not sure how he concluded this. Still, it nevertheless proves that, unless we continue to remind the public of the Biden administration’s scandals, the media will do its best to memory hole them.

To start, I will list five of the more significant scandals and cover-ups of the Biden administration. It’s a starting point, for sure.

The Trump Raid

This most recent cover-up was so blatant and sloppy that it’s hard to imagine how the feds thought they would get away with it. Not only did the administration try to distance the White House from the raid but also Attorney General Merrick Garland — which made no sense. On an almost daily basis, we saw the justification for the raid evolve, and Merrick Garland was caught in a lie about the scope of the warrant. Meanwhile, the DOJ refuses to release the warrant affidavit, which raises all sorts of red flags. Finally, the original narrative was that the raid was conducted due to the urgency of the DOJ to repossess the “classified” documents, yet, according to the Wall Street Journal, Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks on whether to approve the warrant.

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Ashley Biden’s Diary

The leak of the diary reportedly belonging to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley revealed some shocking allegations, including the assertion that Joe used to take inappropriate showers with her as a child. Naturally, the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid of the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe over the alleged theft of Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary, even though Project Veritas never published the diary because they couldn’t verify it and had already turned it over to the police — but Biden sicced the FBI on Project Veritas anyway in the hopes of suppressing coverage of the diary.


This is multiple cover-ups in one. Biden was so desperate for this photo op that he spent weeks covering up the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and even pressured Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to lie about conditions on the ground so that he could look good while withdrawing from the country. In addition, Biden also granted himself a waiver to avoid providing Congress with a legally required report on the dangers of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

After the withdrawal, however, the lies continued. Despite claims that only 100-200 Americans were still in the country when U.S. forces left, months later, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee released a report showing that as many as 9,000 Americans were left in Afghanistan. The Biden administration knew the actual numbers but lied to the public about it.

COVID-19’s origins

After China unleashed COVID-19 upon the world, many were angry and not only wanted answers but wanted China to be held responsible. But, as Trump predicted, Joe Biden was going to make sure that didn’t happen, and the Biden administration shut down a State Department investigation into the origins of COVID. The investigation began under Trump and sought to determine if the COVID-19 virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was not created in nature. Biden’s shady connections to China were a hot topic during the 2020 campaign, and Biden’s blatant move to protect China to preserve his corrupt interests with the country was galling. Yet the media couldn’t have cared less.

The Hunter Biden laptop

When the story broke in the fall of 2020 that Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop at a Delaware computer shop and damaging information started to leak, Democrats, with the help of the media, sought to discredit the laptop as Russian disinformation. Upon taking office, the Biden administration continued to push the claim that the laptop was Russian disinformation.

The trouble is that it was completely authentic. Hunter Biden knew it was authentic; therefore the Biden administration clearly knew that it was. So when the mainstream media finally conceded that the laptop and its contents were legit, we can conclude that the White House lied for well over a year about the veracity of the laptop — which contained not only disturbing photos and video of Hunter Biden’s debauchery but also details about Biden family corruption and shady business dealings.

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