Bill Maher: These Two Issues Will Drive Voters to Trump

Bill Maher yet again indicated that he has awakened, at least partially, from the Left’s enforced insanity on Friday when he declared that Critical Race Theory and transgender madness were going to drive people to vote for Donald Trump in 2024, even including people who are convinced that Trump is a “creep.”

The red-pilled Maher said, according to Fox News, “that left-wing propaganda is so predatory towards American school children, parents will be forced to vote for Trump, if he runs again.” He may be right. The Left has gone off the rails so resoundingly during the administration of Joe Biden’s handlers and has doubled and tripled and quadrupled down in its war on reality with such fanatical resolve, that there must be numerous Leftists around the country who realize how crazy the Democrats have gotten, and have had enough.

Farfetched? Not at all. Maher’s guest Julia Ioffe, who has impeccable credentials as a Leftist journalist (New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, MSNBC, PBS, you get the idea) said that even the negative aspects of Trump, whom every Leftist knows to be the focus of evil in the modern world, “weren’t bad enough for people to dissuade them for voting for him.”

Maher then explained that whether or not someone would actually do the last thing any bona fide Leftist could possibly contemplate doing, voting for Trump, “depends on what your priority [is].” He added: “To me, the two biggest issues are democracy and the environment. Those are my two big – one and two.” However, he was aware that others had different priorities: “But I don’t have kids,” Maher went on. “I know people who say, ‘I have kids, and I don’t like it when they come home and say, uh, they divided the class today into oppressors and oppressed. And if I change my sex, I don’t have to tell my parents.’ There’s s— like that going on.”

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Yes, there is. Maher, according to Fox, then referred to “critical race theory and gender theory finding its way into public school lesson plans.” All this, he said, was making people believe that Trump represented the lesser of two evils. Maher said that it “makes me people go, ‘You know, I agree, Donald Trump is a creep. He is everything wrong that can be stuffed into one man, but I have these other considerations.’ That’s all.”

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Maher also had strong words for Leftists who refused to consider the possibility that what he was saying was true: “And that’s why you seem like you have such contempt for half the country. I don’t think that’s going to get us where we need to go.” Speaking about the deep political divisions in the country today, he asked: “I think we’ve crossed this line and now the question is, how do we walk it back? How do we walk it back from, ‘I hate you so much that I can’t live with you?’ And we have to live with each other. This is not an apartment where we can put the tape down the middle of it. We have to find a way.”

We do, but the Left is indefatigably committed to the proposition that supporters of Trump are “insurrectionists” who represent a grave threat to “our democracy.” Leftists likewise believe that their opponents are bigoted and hateful for being skeptical about the possibility that men can become women and vice versa, and for daring to think that the massive numbers of people crossing the Southern border every day means that the border is open when it is, Kamala Harris tells us, completely secure. They just can’t see why Republicans aren’t grateful that Old Joe Biden has worked so hard to lower gas prices.

In other words, Leftists have completely departed from reality and from a rational assessment of the contemporary scene. While Maher is correct that we have to live with them, it’s like having to live in a house with an insane person: one must always be on guard, for one never knows what the insane one is going to do, or how much damage he is going to cause. It is at least refreshing that a committed Leftist such as Maher can show signs of waking up from the insanity and deciding that he doesn’t want to along with it any longer. Maybe others will follow. We can hope.

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