Left-wing Women’s March declares, ‘We’re not just pro-choice. We are proudly, unapologetically pro-abortion’

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While those who advocate for allowing abortions are typically referred to as “pro-choice,” the Women’s March has gone even further by unabashedly declaring that it is “pro-abortion.”

“We’re not just pro-choice. We are proudly, unapologetically pro-abortion. RT if you agree,” the left-wing movement tweeted on Thursday.

People on social media took notice of the declaration.

“Welp, there ya have it, folks. The mask is off,” tweeted Joel Berry, the managing editor of the satire site the Babylon Bee.

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“For years liberals insisted vehemently that ‘nobody is pro-abortion.’ Is the abortion lobby is finally adopting a truth-in-advertising policy?” Boston Globe op-ed columnist Jeff Jacoby tweeted.

“Tragic. It breaks my heart to see malice dressed up as empowerment. Women deserve better,” tweeted Americans United for Life president and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster.

Blaze Media’s Jessica O’Donnell commented, “we get it. you salivate at the murder of innocent babies. you’re vile.”

“Anytime you call the one side ‘pro-abortion,’ you still get people who reply ‘no one is pro-abortion.’ Not everyone got the memo abortion is supposed to be celebrated now,” tweeted Frank J. Fleming, who indicates on Twitter that he is a “Scripted Creator for” the Daily Wire.

“Oh I thought pro-choice was all about instances of rape and incest. Nope, you’re into recreational baby killing. Thanks for clarifying,” Jenna Ellis tweeted.

In a lengthy Twitter thread on Friday, the Women’s March claimed that “any reason is the ‘right reason’ for abortion,” asserted that “no one should have to be pregnant who doesn’t want to be,” and contended that, “Adoption is also not an alternative to abortion. It’s an alternative to parenting. No one should feel pressured into carrying a pregnancy and giving a baby up for adoption because abortion is stigmatized or prohibited.”

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