Michigan: Hamtramck City Council Oks Islamic Animal Sacrifices at Home to Appease Muslim Community


Michigan – The Hamtramck city council on Tuesday voted to okay Islamic animal sacrifice at home to appease the Muslim community.

Dawud Walid, the director of the terror-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Michigan chapter, said of the animal sacrifice, “it’s not something new or novel.”

“This is when Muslims recognize Abraham sacrificing a sheep instead of having to sacrifice his son,” Walid said.

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According to the Detroit Free Press, more than half of the 28,000 people living in Hamtramck are Yemeni or Bangladeshi.

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AP reported:

Residents of a Detroit-area community with a large Muslim population can sacrifice animals at home for religious reasons.

The Hamtramck City Council explicitly approved the practice, 3-2, Tuesday, another step in recognizing a cultural shift in a city whose 20th century history was shaped by Polish immigrants.

Muslims often slaughter animals, typically goats or sheep, or pay someone to do it for them during the holy holiday of Eid al-Adha. Meat is shared with family, friends and the poor.

The Hamtramck council in December had voted to continue a ban on animal slaughter but reversed course, at least for religious reasons, after legal advice and objections from people who follow the Islamic faith, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“If somebody wants to do it, they have a right to do their practice,” council member Mohammed Hassan said.

More on this story from WXYZ-TV Detroit:

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