‘Unwoke’ With Kevin and Kruiser #58: The MLK Sculpture in Boston Is a Hate Crime

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After a lively Slack conversation with our colleagues about the monstrosity of a sculpture that was unveiled in Boston for Martin Luther King Day, Kevin and I decided to give it our special touch.


This is our first foray into art criticism, and I think we did rather well.

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Frequent “Unwoke” listeners know that Kevin and I don’t hold much back, but this episode is extra special. Slap some NSFW stickers all over it and keep the kiddies away, this is adult fare. You won’t want to miss it though. It’s the best conversation you’ll hear about whatever the heck that thing that’s polluting the Boston Common is.

We also briefly examine all of the things here in my beloved Sonoran Desert that are trying to kill me.

I am still alive as of the writing of this post.


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