NewsBusters Podcast: Liberals Are Happy Biden Spurned Fox Super Bowl Interview

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Journalists at CNN and NPR expressed happiness that President Biden spurned any Super Bowl interview with Fox News. NPR’s Eric Deggans applauded his feint to the “Fox Soul” channel instead, but that planned interview with actress Vivica A. Fox fell apart, too. CNN’s Oliver Darcy asserted to Jim Acosta that Biden was skipping that “talk channel” Fox because it was dedicated to “misinformation and lies” about him. 

Days before those “failed negotiations,” Biden received a warm interview with the liberals at PBS NewsHour. It was his first interview with a journalist since before the midterm elections. Judy Woodruff has a tendency to soften questions with an open-ended finish. Polls are bad, so “why the disconnect?” Biden said polls are unreliable. Woodruff said Republicans are investigating his family, and “how do you plan to deal with that?”

Biden weirdly said “Public’s not going to pay attention that. They want these guys to do something. If the only thing they can do is make up things about my family. It’s not going to go very far.” Why is there no pushback on the obvious lie that the whole Hunter laptop business is some kind of fairy tale?

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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