Twerking’ For Spirituality, Men Claiming They Have Periods & Sheer Insanity

Welcome to the Woke of the Weak!

This week offered a smorgasbord of content from the loony left! It started with Madonna and Sam Smith whose outfit choices as of late have been pretty trash. To the best of our knowledge, the pair shared a pack of balloons to fill their closets. 

We also heard from one vegan who was “traumatized” by meat emojis. He claimed to have emailed Apple numerous times in protest of the offensive emojis. 

The next clip came from a fashion show where models crawled on the floor and imitated farm animals. Old Macdonald, come get your insane farm.

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After that was Mamma Rose, a self-proclaimed woman with an obvious five-o’clock shadow, complaining about his period cramps. 

If you aren’t praying for Jesus’ return at that point of the video, you will after you hear that twerking is apparently a spiritual practice.

That’s what’s up this week in the woke world of the WEAK left! 

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