Obama-appointed judge rules against Missouri law meant to protect 2nd Amendment rights

A federal judge struck down a law passed in Missouri that would nullify gun restrictions from the federal government that would infringe on the Second Amendment.

The law, locally known as H.B. 85, would have allowed residents to sue local law enforcement agencies for $50,000 if they enforced federal laws on gun restrictions that the law nullified. Republican Governor Mike Parson signed the law in 2021.

“We’re going to do things to make sure you don’t overreach your authority from the federal government,” said Parson at the time.

U.S. District Judge Brian Wimes in Jefferson City, Missouri, sided with the Department of Justice that argued the law was invalidated by the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution that says federal laws are supreme over state laws when they conflict.

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Wimes was appointed to the bench by former President Barack Obama.

The lawsuit was filed against Missouri in February 2022.

“This act impedes criminal law enforcement operations in Missouri,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said at the time. “The United States will work to ensure that our state and local law enforcement partners are not penalized for doing their jobs to keep our communities safe.”

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, said the state plans to appeal the ruling in order to protect residents’ Second Amendment rights.

“As Attorney General, I will protect the Constitution, which includes defending Missourians’ fundamental right to bear arms. We are prepared to defend this statute to the highest court and we anticipate a better result at the Eighth Circuit,” read the statement from Bailey.

“The Second Amendment is what makes the rest of the amendments possible. If the state legislature wants to expand upon the foundational rights codified in the Second Amendment, they have the authority to do that,” he added.

Here’s more about the federal ruling:

Missouri law banning police from enforcing federal gun laws unconstitutional, federal judge sayswww.youtube.com

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