Georgia man who was found dead rolled up in a carpet was in the trunk of drug dealer’s car for several days, police say

Police believe they have solved the mystery of the death of a Georgia man who had been found rolled up in plastic and carpet in Louisiana during a business trip.

Nathan Millard was on a trip to Baton Rouge when he disappeared and was found dead days later. Police said there were no signs of foul play, despite him being found rolled up in plastic and inside a carpet.

On Monday, the Baton Rouge Police Department said in a news release that a man arrested in the case likely carried around Millard’s body in the truck of his car for several days before dumping it where it was found.

Previously, police had said that Millard was caught on surveillance video speaking to a security guard at a bus station on the night he disappeared. In the Monday news release, they added that Millard had allegedly asked the worker for “something to make him feel better” and “a girl to take back to his room.”

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Police say he was introduced to a prostitute and 45-year-old Derrick Perkins, who goes by the name “Stanka.” Perkins allegedly drove Millard to a property where he could do drugs, but police believe that Millard overdosed.

Perkins is accused of wrapping Millard’s body and stuffing it in the trunk of a stolen car and driving around with him for several days before his body began to smell badly. He also allegedly showed some witnesses the body of Millard in the trunk.

Police said that Perkins’ car was found torched but that a K-9 dog was still able to detect the scent of “human decomposition” in the trunk. They also said they found plastic at the house of the drug dealer similar to the plastic with which Millard was wrapped.

Millard was a husband and father of five children.

Perkins was charged with unlawful disposal of remains, obstruction of justice, simple criminal damage to property, and failure to seek assistance on Monday.

Here’s more about the death of Millard:

Arrest warrant details what police believe were Nathan Millard’s final

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