BECOMING VENEZUELA? China deal may COLLAPSE the US dollar

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Something big is happening to the U.S dollar, and Glenn Beck wants you to be prepared.

“What you think is coming is a recession. What your crazy friends might say to you is coming is maybe a depression. You’d be mistaken. Those are lies. What is coming is a collapse of the dollar.”

He continues, “We’ve never experienced the collapse of the dollar, of the world’s reserve currency.”

This is why the FED is now introducing the FED coin, which is coming to us in July.

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Glenn says, “This is exactly what India did, and India is now in the final phase, and they are introducing their FED coin.”

“It’s all about security, it’s the end of your freedom, and you have to be aware because soon — I don’t know when — but it will happen overnight. Soon, everything will be collapsing and the banks will close and there will be chaos,” he adds.

Meanwhile, China has struck a deal with Brazil to ditch the U.S dollar.

“China is putting a deal together with the world,” Glenn warns.

He continues, “China is building itself up as a superpower, and they are replacing our dollar. Once you take the trillions of dollars that are held by central banks in countries like Brazil — all over the world — and they liquidate them, the dollar collapses. We become Venezuela with inflation that you cannot imagine.”

While the news is relentless in its coverage of transgender people and their supposed genocide, it’s not an important topic.

What’s important is what’s happening to our dollar.

Glenn says, “These are the things you should concentrate on.”

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