Alan Dershowitz: George Soros DEVOTED to hurting America

Alan Dershowitz and Glenn Beck might not agree on everything, but they absolutely do agree on one thing. And that one thing is that George Soros is not a good man.

Dershowitz has recently written a scathing article about Soros, and Beck invited him on the show to discuss it.

According to Beck, in retaliation for the decades he’s been warning Americans about Soros’ true intentions, Soros has “rallied people” to say that Beck is an anti-Semite, despite winning the Defender of Israel award.

“How dare anybody call you an anti-Semite,” Dershowitz says. “The only anti-Semite that we’ve discussed on this show so far is George Soros.”

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Dershowitz believes that Soros is “self-hating” and thus “not even a Jew.”

Dershowitz adds that Soros made his first money “by collecting the property of Jews who were being sent to the concentration camps.”

“He’s devoted his life to hurting Jews, to hurting Israel, to hurting America — and nobody’s attacking him because he’s a Jew,” Dershowitz says.

He goes on to say that “George Soros is anything but good for America, good for the Jewish people, good for Israel,” and that he will continue to criticize him as he’s been doing for the last 20 years alongside Glenn.

“Let people call me an anti-Semite,” Dershowitz, who is Jewish, says.

“I tell you, this is not going to make you more popular,” Glenn laughs.

Glenn believes it’s important that they continue to speak out about George Soros because he “funds so many things” and has such a tight grip on the mainstream media.

“No one in the media will say anything about George Soros, and he is dismantling our country,” Glenn says.

According to Dershowitz, even the Jerusalem Post is a staunch defender of Soros.

“The Jerusalem Post had an article saying, ‘Every Jew must support George Soros.’ And I wrote back to say, ‘Not this Jew.’”

“I’m not going to do it,” Dershowitz continues. “I see evil where I see evil. I see good where I see good.”

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