RFK Jr. is pro-Second Amendment, pro-First Amendment, anti-war and pro-border security

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hIn a special Twitter Spaces discussion with Elon Musk this week, 2024 presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed more of his platform, clearing up misconceptions some people have about his views on gun rights, border security, foreign conflicts, and more.

Unlike most other Democrats, Kennedy supports free speech and the First Amendment, for one. He expressed gratitude to Musk for at least starting the difficult job of rooting out censorship, even if he has made some questionable decisions as of late.

“Free speech and the free flow of information is the water, the sunlight, the fertilizer, and the soil of democracy – without it, democracy withers and dies,” Kennedy said, still mischaracterizing the United States as a democracy, but that is okay – we are all still in the learning process and he seems to have the right idea nonetheless.

If elected president, one of Kennedy’s first orders of business will be to sign an executive order prohibiting the government from what it is currently doing under fake president Joe Biden, from whom we received the massive Censorship Industrial Complex that is tyrannizing us all, especially online.

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RFK Jr. is more Republican than many actual Republicans

As for the Second Amendment, Kennedy wants people to know that he absolutely supports the right to bear arms. He recognizes that most mass shootings are not what they seem, and often seem to stem from the culprit’s use of dangerous psychiatric pharmaceuticals.


As for America’s porous southern border, Kennedy wants to seal it up while still offering humanitarian aid to legitimate foreigners in need of asylum. No longer will fighting-age men from rogue nations be allowed to pour through the border unabated while using women and children as their human shields.

“I’m actually going to the border tonight,” Kennedy revealed about his immediate plans regardless of what happens in 2024. “I’m crossing the border around 3am into Mexico. And I’ll be talking with people on both sides of the border and talking to the stakeholders.”

“Over the next three days be meeting with people from the border patrol and elsewhere to try to formulate policies that will seal the border permanently,” he added.

Kennedy was actually joined by former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard who alongside him also addressed the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and other potential bioweapons that the deep state is likely cooking up here or overseas. Both Gabbard and Kennedy want to shut down these dangerous programs immediately to protect the public from another covid type of situation.

“Covid was clearly a bioweapon,” Kennedy clarified, reiterating his position that the alleged “virus” never required the stripping of Americans’ rights and liberties in order to abate.

“The CIA continued to secretly develop bioweapons,” Kennedy added about how this is an ongoing threat. “After 2001, we passed the Patriot Act and launched the bioweapons arms race … we should shut the whole thing down.”

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is another existential threat that both Kennedy and Musk agree is a serious problem in need of attention. But even more threatening are the bioweapons development programs that continue to operate in Ukraine and elsewhere throughout the world.

“We have these labs now all over the world, in Ukraine, etc., that are developing all kinds of hideous bioweapons, including ethnic bioweapons that kill people from certain races … and they already have them, and they’re ready to escape.”

You can listen to all the key clips from the Twitter Spaces discussion with RFK Jr. at Infowars.

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