Polluting China Pushes Climate Lies, Lectures West on ‘Environmental Governance’

All too often, it seems an alternate spelling of “hypocrite” is “C-C-P.” The genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) totally ignored the fact that China is the world’s biggest polluter, issuing a self-righteous lecture on “environmental governance” as Canada and the U.S. are blanketed in smoke and haze from Canadian forest fires. It’s disturbing how the West’s —especially America’s—biggest enemies have only to adopt our own propaganda to mock us.

With Canadian wildfires still polluting not only Canada but much of the U.S., CCP propaganda outlet Global Times mounted its soapbox to demand more “environmental governance” and tout China’s supposed “green” progress. China is actually by far the world’s biggest polluter, and it recently decided to increase its coal mining, which also increases pollution (and is antithetical to the environmentalist agenda). But as the CCP lies about everything else, why shouldn’t it lie about its dedication to climate alarmism?

CCP’s Global Times, June 8, “Wildfire highlights developed nations’ need for environmental governance”:

Many netizens have described the weather in NYC with a sense of “the end of the world”…The smoke that pervades these areas contains extremely small particles that can penetrate deep into lung tissue and enter the bloodstream, causing diseases such as asthma and heart disease…

Wang Yuanfeng, director of the Carbon Neutrality Technology and Strategy Research Center at Beijing Jiaotong University, pointed out that this incident is not only a problem of air pollution in NYC, but it is also closely related to climate change…The United Nations (UN) issued a report stating that humanity is facing a triple planetary crisis: climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution…

Environmental governance involves top-level design…In recent years, China’s environmental governance has indeed been effective, especially in the capital Beijing, where the UN Environment Agency has praised its achievements in air pollution control as the “Beijing miracle.”

The CCP-pandering United Nations should be ashamed of itself.

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Firstly, the CCP’s climate warnings are not based on scientific fact. For instance, just recently, data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) — confirmed by NASA satellite data — provided evidence that there has not been any global warming for the past eight years. And last year, The Radiation Safety Journal published a study that concluded fossil fuels haven’t produced enough atmospheric CO2 to cause global warming. Climate-doom prophets have been wrong for 50 years. As for the current smoky fires, longtime climate truth-teller Steve Milloy tweeted:

1. Spring wildfires in Quebec are normal.
2. Quebec had normal temps & precipitation last month.
3. Canadian wildfires have decreased since 1980.
4. Emissions don’t make the wind to blow in particular directions.

So, based on what Milloy said, the CCP is exaggerating the allegedly toxic affects of the undoubtedly bothersome smoke, and incorrectly making “climate change” a culprit. Since there isn’t a disastrous climate crisis, and since emissions are not a cause of serious global warming, attributing the fires to a climate crisis is also incorrect. But the CCP probably knows that, since it doesn’t care a bit about its own increasing pollution.

Then there’s the fact that China, though it allegedly improved its air quality (which was truly awful as of 2020), still has plenty of work to do in that area, according to Nature.com in May. In January, Phys.org argued that China is a “hot spot” for a type of health-threatening nighttime air pollution that is on an “increasing trend.” Yet, despite the scientific evidence of China’s continuing severe air pollution, pro-CCP globalists like World Economic Forum and the United Nations further CCP propaganda on China’s supposed “green” progress. It’s embarrassing.

The reality is the the CCP only cares about the climate narrative because it’s a convenient cudgel against the West. As Western leaders ignore the CCP’s horrendous environmental practices and blather about impending apocalypse because of Western SUVs and cattle, the CCP has an easy opening to lambaste its enemies. The UN is praising China instead of calling the CCP’s bluff. It’s never been so easy for our enemies to ridicule us, because we hand them all the tools to do so.

The CCP is lying, but it’s using America’s own talking points against it. The issue is not simply that the CCP is being outrageously hypocritical in its pollution lectures, but that Western countries, the U.S. included, are happy to help the CCP cover up China’s climate failures and hype the West’s supposed failures! The real crisis we’re facing is a global collusion to undermine freedom in the world, using “climate change” as a political weapon, with the CCP at the forefront.

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