Deace: The road was already blazed for Nancy Mace’s TMI moment

Boss: I’m going to get right to the point. It has come to my attention that you and the cleaning woman have engaged in sexual intercourse on the desk in your office. Is that correct?

George Costanza: Who said that?

Boss: She did.

George: Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon …

Boss: You’re fired.

That scene from “Seinfeld” came to life last week when South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace got all randy at a prayer breakfast held for Senator Tim Scott. Granted, Scott’s campaign does truly need a lot of prayer, but did anyone have “sacred sex prostitutes of Delphi” on their bingo cards as an available option?

Now, a lot of folks reacted to Mace’s TMI moment – when she laughed off putting off fornication with a man she wasn’t married to in order to get to the church on time, in a gold medal-winning event at the Cringe Olympics – like Mitch McConnell trying to finish a speech. Just staring into space, simply dumbfounded that such a breach of decorum could have occurred. Well, need I remind you that “red state” South Carolina voted into office this pro-abort mother who celebrates Pride Month as its congressional standard-bearer? Not to mention amazingly has elected not one but two U.S senators who weirdly never found wives.

Then you have years and years of theological heavyweights like Bill “depends on what the definition of is is” Clinton, whom the black church just couldn’t get enough of back in the day. Pasty churchgoers next swooned over “compassionate conservative” (which means my wife and daughters are all libs) George W. Bush. Celebrity faux evangelical Rick Warren fawned over Barack “you’re all just bitter clingers” Obama, too, back when Rick’s life was still purpose-driven. Of course, there is the one on whose shoulder Jesus himself has placed His mighty hand, at least according to countless social media accounts I sincerely hope are bots – Donald “I’ve never asked God for forgiveness because I’ve never done anything wrong” Trump. But at least he did some righteous things we can appreciate, despite his unrighteousness.

The coup de grace is our current whitewashed tomb, Joe Biden, who likes to constantly remind us he’s a “devout Catholic” when he’s not trying to kill the babies, trans the kids, shower with his daughter, and raise a fine upstanding crack-addicted grifter … err … lad like Hunter.

Needless to say, the wide road has already been blazed for the likes of Mace.

This is just how influential the modern church currently is, which is to say almost zero. We are well beyond being used by those with political ambition as a convenient fig leaf and are flat-out redecorating the sanctuaries in our own image now.

I recently talked on my show about how many people email me regularly about how to go about choosing a church for themselves and their families, when so many pastors seem to be overcome and indoctrinated by the things of the world instead of the solid food of heaven.

Here’s what I offered them:

  • Has the church preached through Romans in recent times, or could you see the pastors having the courage to do that? Determine how seriously they take discipleship, because Romans doesn’t allow you to water it down.
  • Does the church specifically engage and equip its men?
  • Does the pastor love his congregation enough to confront them? And remember, confrontation isn’t a tone but an action.
  • Is the pastor the kind of man the young men would look at and look up to?
  • If/when it goes down, is this the kind of church that knows what time it is and would have your back, or not? Do they support mature and engaged believers like they do the seeker-friendly rat pack?

As this applies to Mace, I know she tried to do some damage control on a national radio program by saying she isn’t a perfect person, she’s a sinner, and that’s why she goes to church. Fair enough, and the Lord knows I have my own ongoing battles with sexual sin. But here’s the thing: I don’t shamelessly joke about those issues in public, let alone within the assembly. For I wouldn’t expect that to be appreciated, let alone tolerated, by my Lord, let alone His people. For that means I have given up the fight against my own flesh and instead changed the standard of God to justify myself.

That resembles another wannabe deity out there whose money line also happens to be “ye be like God” – and his is not the side you want to be on.

Mace, like so many of us, is the direct product of a church that has largely traded its birthright for bad bowls of pottage and fake cities of gold. We can gasp at her all we want while still sending our children to schools run by pagan, porn-loving stormtroopers. Or we can truly realize what time it is, stop intentionally handcuffing our faith, and let the lion out of its cage to conquer all.

Try letting that one rip at your next prayer breakfast and see what happens.

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