Mother demands veterinarian (illegally) treat her son’s medical condition: “If my son says he is a cat, then he is a cat”

Mother demands veterinarian (illegally) treat her son’s medical condition: “If my son says he is a cat, then he is a cat”

Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disease, disorder and injury to animals. It is not an imaginary field of medicine, as it is based on actual science, but this doesn’t matter to certain parents of children who are pretending to be animals. These parents have now gone completely insane and are demanding that veterinarians treat their children because… wait for it… the child says he is a cat.

With this logic, if a child says he/she has a broken wing or infected gills, then a veterinarian who treats birds or fish should have to be legally required to work on that bird-child or fish-child, or at least illegally work on them, because the child and parent say so. Period.

That is exactly what is happening now, across America, as the gender-confused liberals feed into the new movement where children transition into “furries” (kids who pretend they are cats or dogs). One woman, whose video of this insanity is posted on Rumble, is ranting about how veterinarians across America should be forced to work on kids who identify as cats or dogs. You simply cannot make this stuff up. Her son identifies as a cat. She’s complaining because she literally took her son to the veterinarian and he refused to treat the boy, telling the mom that because the boy has “human anatomy” that he does not know “how to work on him” or “diagnose him” with anything, and of course because he legally can not work on a human.

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The mother is convinced this is a form of discrimination, because she says “If my son says he is a cat, then he is a cat” and “he needs to be treated like one, you know.” Yet, she says she’s not going to press charges. How considerate of her. She’s still referring to her child as her “son,” which is odd, if she’s mentally convinced that he is a cat, which must be offensive to her son. Maybe her son should press charges against his mother for referring to him as her son, instead of as her pet.


The mom wants to start an awareness campaign, believing still that every parent who has a child that identifies as a dog, cat, squirrel, rat, beaver, or elephant, should be able to take that child to the veterinarian for prescription drugs, fleas, or gender-bender surgery. This, she says, after she just acknowledged that the veterinarian is not the same kind of doctor as a medical doctor for humans, and that he could lose his license for treating an actual child who is making believe they are an animal.

She says any child who identifies as an animal should be able to go to a veterinarian for medical care because “that’s the medical attention that they’re wanting.” She says it’s “not fair” that humans have to continue to go to medical doctors for care when they are imagining that they are four-legged beasts. So, now, according to parents who have children that identify as pets, actual doctors need to also use their imagination and pretend their patients are something they are not, in order to “be fair” to people who are obviously living in a confused mental state.

Many gay folks in America dress up as animals to do kinky stuff, and now they are pushing kids to do the same. It’s all part of the perverted, communist, liberal, tranny movement where all straight people, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, school teachers, and daycare providers must PRETEND that “furries” are real animals and must be treated accordingly, or you lose your license, job, and get sued for discrimination.

It’s part of the pedophilia “grooming” movement and child trafficking dilemma, as it all plays into perverting children’s minds and influencing them to think about sex and sexual role-playing agendas fed to them by the adult perverts via social media, Disney, Hollywood, liberal school curriculum, and now parents complaining about medical treatment. Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals with hidden agendas trying to turn normal kids into gender-confused freaks.

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