Chicago gangs asked not to commit shootings between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.: ‘No sliding while the sun is out’

A community group from the north side of Chicago is asking gang members not to fire guns or commit any shootings during the daytime, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., CWB Chicago reported.

The proposal came from a community group called the Native Sons, who recently emailed out a newsletter featuring an image they dubbed “The People’s Ordinance.”

The group is from an area called Rogers Park, where a gang war between the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones in Uptown is believed to have been reignited.

Police recently warned of a “strong possibility of retaliatory shootings” after three men were shot in the uptown area in late July 2023.

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The semi-peaceful proposal also had captions such as “no sliding while the sun is out” and “safe summer initiative.”

“We have to start somewhere,” Tatiana Atkins, co-founder of Native Sons, said. “Our goal is to approach our city’s gun violence problem strategically and not all at once. Things didn’t become this way overnight, and change won’t happen overnight.”

The community group stated that they were tired of individuals perpetuating gang violence by glorifying gunmen or wearing ski masks as a fashion statement.

“Under this ordinance, we ask that people stop associating with and glorifying ‘shooters,’ stop glorifying ‘switches,’ and stop wearing those ski masks everywhere, which perpetuates you as some ‘opp,’” Atkins told the local outlet.

Switches refers to aftermarket devices that turn semi-automatic handguns into automatic weapons that can fire rapidly with just one pull of the trigger.

Atkins also explained that the group will not wait for actual legislation to be drafted to enforce their recommendations, but rather that a social movement needs to take over.

“We are not waiting for a bill or law to enforce what we feel needs to be done – this is a movement being carried along by social media and the media.”

The local leader even admitted that she doesn’t believe people are going to stop shooting each other altogether.

“Not everyone is willing to drop their beef. If you aren’t mentally and emotionally equipped to solve disputes in a healthy manner, if you can’t help but harm each other – do so in a capacity in which children, elderly, and those not involved in high-risk activities are less likely to be affected.”

The group hoped that at the very least, limiting gang activity to the prescribed hours would prevent collateral damage and innocent children from being shot.

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